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12 Tips to Generate More Business as a Car Mechanic

12 Tips to Generate More Business as a Car Mechanic

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12 Tips to Generate More Business as a Car Mechanic

Running a garage or car repair shop is a full-time business, but you still need to market it to ensure you get customers coming in every day. You may run the best such business in town, but that does not mean that customers are going to turn up just like that.

Ideas to Attract More Customers to Your Auto Repair Shop

That's why we have put together a list of the top 12 marketing tips for your business.

  1. Most Google searches are local, especially when people are looking for an urgent repair. Make sure to claim your Google Business listing. Include all your company contact details. You can find easy-to-follow instruction on the official Google documentation.
  1. A company website is a minimum requirement these days. Customers want to check your website so they can get information about your company, where you are located and what you offer. A great website boosts your visibility and company credibility – and helps you get leads.
  1. One of the easiest ways to keep in touch with your customers is by email, so make sure you collect email addresses – but get their consent to add them to your mailing list. Keep in touch with customers by sending them useful content. This can include discounts on oil changes and services, as well as pre-winter check-ups. But don't just send promotions, think about valuable content that your customers will appreciate, like how to change windscreen wipers.
  1. Writing blogs is another way of creating a personal connection with customers. Give them information that will help maintain their cars, i.e. how to check tyre pressure and oil levels. Make sure that you post blogs regularly. This will also strengthen your ranking in search engine results.  
  1. Similar to blogs, you can also create and upload vlogs – which are short videos – to your business’s YouTube channel or to your website. Videos are very popular with potential customers as they give useful visual tips about maintaining their car.
  1. Customers check Facebook for local services, so make sure you are on the platform so they can find you easily. Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, and a Facebook Business page is free and easy to set up. See how to set up your Facebook business page.
  1. Giving great service will bring you excellent online reviews which will prove to potential new customers that you are a professional and well-respected local business. Having a car problem puts people under stress, so make sure to get a review from grateful customers. It's usually easiest for customers to leave a review with an email or via WhatsApp. But you can also ask them to write a review on your Google Business and/or Facebook page.  
  1. Being involved in community groups will help bring in new business. People appreciate it when businesses contribute to local causes, and they remember companies who do this.  
  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical to ensure your company website appears on the first page of Google results when people look for a garage. The site must contain all the correct keywords about your business. Check here for why SEO is so important.  
  1. Another way of getting customers to trust you and create new business is by posting images showing the before and after of a job. People are always interested in seeing these kinds of pictures, even if the job being shown is not something they need. It’s a great way of showing the value of your work and Instagram can provide a great platform for these photos.  
  1. Hosting events is another great way of attracting customers. Not only that, but you bring them right into your business premises so now they know not only who you are but where your garage is. You can host meetings where you show people basic tips on vehicle maintenance, as well as explaining the full range of services that you provide.
  1. Partnering with other businesses is an excellent way of spreading awareness of your company, and there are many possibilities, including running joint competitions. This will help in having work referred to you.

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