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4 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews through Your Social Media

4 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews through Your Social Media

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It’s no secret that much of our social interaction has moved online. But what might be surprising is how much trust is associated with an online review.  A hefty 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as traditional word-of-mouth from friends or family. This means that online reviews really work!

It’s safe to say that most of us have read reviews online. I think I’ve even written a review or two for local services. So as a small business it’s important to know what you can do to encourage customers to leave positive customer reviews.

There are things you can do to prevent negative online reviews, but sometimes they are inevitable. This, by the way, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even negative reviews can ultimately help your business if you handle them correctly. There are many ways to get more reviews, and one of them is using social media.

How to get more customer reviews through social media

So here are some suggestions on how to leverage social media to get more customer reviews.  

1.      Try asking!

This might sound obvious, but this is by far the most direct way to get more customer reviews. Most customers will give you a review if you simply ask. According to BrightLocal research, 72% of customers will write a review if they are asked. So we checked with some small business owners in the UK and 78% said they get reviews on social media by just asking.  

Since we are discussing a digital format, you can do your asking right in social media. For example, there is an online messaging system for Facebook and LinkedIn so you can message a happy customer and ask them to review your business. You might also leverage other programs such as WhatsApp to request a review. If your customers are already on their phone when you ask, it makes it easier for them to review your business right then and there.  

So as soon as you have successfully delivered a product or service to a customer, send a personal message and ask for a customer review. That’s the simplest way to get more customer reviews through your social media

2.      Make reviews easy

If you want reviews, make it easy for your customers. Make it as easy as possible. Consider the advice of Kate Bunn from K&K consulting in Devon, who provides legal services to small businesses. She advocates that making it easy for customers is what works: “To make it easy for them, in our closing email we provide links to various platforms where they leave a review”.

It’s really easy to do. For example, you copy the link from your Google Business account or the reviews section of your Facebook page. Then paste the links into your closing communication with your clients. She also suggests taking an extra step to shorten the link using a free tool like bitly.com.  

3.      Be social

When using social media for customer reviews, it’s best to be active regularly on that same platform. While this isn’t rocket science, it’s something easily lost in the shuffle.  

One of the mistakes that businesses make on social media is prescheduling posts and then disappearing. This isn’t truly being active, even if your profile shows content. Active means that you have someone consistently engaging with potential customers by responding to comments and questions.

On social media people want to engage with other – real – people. Interactions need to feel personalized rather than commercial.  For example, when someone tags your business, act fast to respond with something useful.  

However, the reality of being active means you will also have to deal with negative comments. It’s important to reply courteously to negative comments or reviews and offer solutions.  

You want other people to see your business provides good customer service even if something unexpected happens. In this way, even a negative review can be used to help promote your business. To learn more, we rounded up 7 best practices of handling negative reviews.

Overall, being active on the social platform that you would like reviews on, increases the likelihood that customers will follow-through and recommend your business. Especially if they found your business on social media to begin with. According to HubSpot research, at least 71% of customers who receive a good experience with a brand via social media, are likely to recommend it.

4.      Get known in community groups

Although this is something you might not have as much control over, you do have the ability to choose your time investments wisely. If you’re investing in social media you can often narrow-in your efforts to a specific community group. If you are an active member of that group and get a few customers there, they are likely to recommend your business when other people ask for recommendations.

In fact, Facebook has an “asking for recommendations” feature. On Facebook, people in a community often ask for local recommendations from other members of the group.  

This feature makes it easy for happy customers to tag your business and you can respond right away to a potential customer.  

More customer reviews - sum up

You want more customer reviews for your business, and one of the most effective channels to get them is through social media. If you’re active enough, and you make it easy for your customers to review you, you can easily get more reviews through your social media.  


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