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5 Ways to Accelerate SEO for Your Accounting Firm

5 Ways to Accelerate SEO for Your Accounting Firm



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If you want your accounting firm to stand out from the competition online, ranking highly in search engine results pages (SERPs) and social media pages is an absolute must. Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) is how your firm can make its way to the top of the SERPs and earn necessary clicks to your website or social accounts.

Accountant using marketing tools to accelerate SEO

Here are 5 ways you can boost your Accounting Firm SEO, which, in turn, will only benefit your business and your bottom line.

#1 - Research financial & accounting keywords

Keywords are the beating heart of your SEO activities. They’re the precise words and phrases your target audience is searching for that motivates them to clickthrough to your content.

As such, finding the right words and phrases that are relevant to accounting and finance is key. Using a keyword tool to identify keywords such as financial advisor, tax and accounting services, accounting services near me, and more, can be extremely helpful.

#2 - Build a website that targets accounting clients

Build a website for your accounting firm that integrates optimized keywords that will get your target audience members to click.

Focus your website and its content on how you resolve your ideal clients’ pain points and ensure that all in formation is accessible via an easy-to-use internal search function that is responsive on all digital devices. Include a lead generation form wherever possible; SEO for accountants is the gateway to getting new leads into the sales funnel.

#3 - Create high-quality content that positions you as an accounting industry leader

SEO keywords in the SERPs may lead potential clients to your website, but SEO keywords precisely integrated into web page and blog content are what will keep them on your site and motivate them to convert.

These keywords should be used to craft highly-relevant and engaging content that adds value to your online presence. You want your audience to read your content and immediately associate your firm with the field’s most trusted accountants and financial advisors. Integrating internal links and backlinks to white-hat platforms will give your SEO endeavours an additional leg up.

#4 - Create business profiles for your accounting firm

Google My Business is a directory that will help your accounting firm achieve maximum visibility. You can also add citations on any other financial services directory used by local audiences in your firm’s vicinity.

Be sure to include your exact business name, address, contact information, opening hours, and website URL (this information should also be clearly visible and accessible on your firm’s website). Remember to verify your profiles, to maximize your accounting firm’s authenticity and trust worthiness.

#5 - Monitor your SEO results

Lastly, it’s not enough to optimize your website, content, and profiles for SEO; you have to ensure that your SEO efforts are successful, and tweak them if they aren’t up to snuff.

Digital tools, such as Google Analytics can help you see how your website is performing, which search queries are generating traffic and leads, and other helpful metrics.

Accelerate your firm’s SEO, with 12Handz

While SEO for accountants doesn’t happen overnight, creating and implementing the right SEO strategy for your accounting firm will bring you more leads and clients for the long term.

That said, if you’re among the many accounting and other professionals who value great SEO but don’t have the time to implement it in-house, 12Handz can help. Our effective marketing tools, designed specifically for accountants and financial advisors have been proven to help firms like yours reach and convert more clients via websites, social media, and email. Contact us to book a demo today!

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