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8 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationships with E-mail Segmenting

8 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationships with E-mail Segmenting

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E-mail marketing can add great value to your business strategy. It’s relatively low-cost, can be controlled by you and its Return on Investment (RoI) is one of the highest of all marketing techniques available. But a strong e-mail marketing strategy means you need to think smart about how you send your e-mails.  

When you start out, you can try doing an A/B test of the times you sent emails and designs used to ensure you’re making the most of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Later on, you’ll want to focus your energies on segmentation and personalisation.  

What is Email Segmentation?

This is when you divide your e-mail subscriber list into many smaller lists allowing you to deliver more personal and relevant content. By thinking more carefully about who you’re sending to and the content, you will see your email metrics and stats improve.  

Read on to discover 8 ways you can improve your e-mail marketing by segmenting.  

  1. Develop automated e-mails as a part of your customer journey  

From a welcome e-mail to abandoned shopping basket reminders, there are plenty of ways to improve the customer journey via e-mail.  The benefit of setting up automated e-mails is that, depending on the CRM system you use, segments regularly update as people subscribe so they require little maintenance. Service-led businesses will find that setting up automation when customers are due another appointment can be beneficial in gaining repeat customers while saving time and resources.  

  1. Reengage old customers with fresh, relevant content

If you notice that some of the people on your mailing list are not responding (i.e. haven’t bought a product or used your service for a long time), segmenting is the ideal way to encourage them to do so. This can be done through promotions or highlighting products and/or services which were once popular with this segment or simply reminding them of your business USPs.  

  1. Appeal to newer customers with offers  

As a small to mid-sized business you may be aiming to steer clear of becoming a discount brand while also looking for ways to encourage new users from different demographics. If you choose to segment newer customers, you can entice them to complete their shopping journey with your business by sending out bespoke offers while retaining a more premium feel for regular customers. This ensures you can compete for new customers without damaging your brand identity.  

  1. Show people you have listened to their preferences  

Whether you’re an ecommerce store or a service provider, you are likely aware of your customers’ different preferences and how to manage them. This could be simple: whether they’re a personal or corporate customer or more in depth depending on their shopping needs. By segmenting these customers, you can tailor content to sound more personal and tuned in to their specific needs from your business and encourage a higher engagement rate with e-mails.  

  1. Instantly act on analytics from customers’ website journey  

If you’re CRM is connected to your website platform, you will easily be able to see how people are behaving and act to ensure they convert into paying customers. For example, if you see huge traffic numbers visiting a certain page, you can target these customers with an e-mail reminding them of the service or product in question. Offering your customers exactly what they’re already interested in enhances your position as a trusted brand and will, in turn, create brand loyalty.

  1. Target people by AOV to upsell products  

Segmenting your mailing list will allow you to differentiate between big spenders and less-frequent shoppers. Say you have a group of customers who shop seasonally for a specific item or service, you can target them around this time of year offering them other items that they may need. Staying within the spending limit that they’re comfortable with will boost shopping confidence whilst also avoiding alienating low spenders with higher price points, which will drive click-through rates of e-mails.

  1. Deliver seasonal offers as and when people need them  

Similar to automated e-mails for appointment reminders, you can target seasonal customers throughout the year with relevant content. Say you run an auto repair business, you may have customers who come in throughout the year to have their tyres checked and air put in. To encourage more business, you can send an e-mail to tyre-conscious customers offering them a winter tyre change in autumn to prepare for winter.  

  1. Don’t overwhelm disengaged subscribers by over sending e-mails  

More traditional marketeers may feel as though they want to blanket send e-mails to ensure that no customers are left out of offers or communications. However, content can get repetitive and, if customers don’t see it as relevant, they won’t engage and that will affect your stats and metrics. By segmenting, you can communicate multiple messages at the same time while keeping your e-mail sends less frequent which adds a sense of delight to your customers inbox when they receive an e-mail.  

The more niche you are the less likely you are to have a high unsubscribe rate and you will be able to drive your engagement rates for customers with personalisation. Segmenting e-mails is a brilliant way to improve your CRM and manage your time and resources more effectively. In order to segment your e-mails successfully, make sure you’re using a smart platform like 12Handz which can do all the hard work for you leaving you free to work on other marketing techniques.  which can do all the hard work for you leaving you free to work on other marketing techniques.

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