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Digital marketing for accounting firms - what do you need?

Digital marketing for accounting firms - what do you need?



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Some of us might hate accounting. OK, let’s rephrase  that. We might hate doing our own accounting, but we’re happy to hire an  accountant to help. And we’re not alone. According to ICAEW, three quarters  of the SMEs in the UK use an accountant and nearly half say it’s their most  trusted business advisor. This a significant number because the UK government  classifies the 99%  of private enterprises as either small or medium sized.  What’s important to note is that most UK businesses are more likely to go to their accountant for help than to  any other source of financial advice.  

Although most small businesses understand the importance of a financial adviser, attracting the right clients for your firm could remain a challenge. Here are some tactics for how to use digital marketing to boost your business.    

Social media in accounting

Looking for an accountant you can trust to run your company’s finances? The first stop for many people is to look for a recommendation on social media. One Facebook group for entrepreneurs had  amazing things to say about a particular accountant. That was great for her, but not so great for new clients since she was actually booked up for months  ahead!  By targeting a local group of small business owners she was able to build herself a great niche market.  

It’s actually relatively simple for accounting firms to  use social media to their advantage. For example, if you’re targeting small  businesses, look for groups featuring local small business owners. Make sure  you stand out by being active in the group, and replying when someone asks  for accounting services or has a question about accounting. After a while,  you will become known in the group as a go-to expert. Eventually, people will  tag you on relevant questions and your replies can lead to signing up  potential customers.  

If you find that networking in a local social media  group is taking longer than expected, you can add value and attract clients  by sharing quality content.

Content Marketing in accounting

If you don’t have a blog for your accounting firm, then  you’re missing a great way to share content. Think of it this way: most small  businesses often have questions related to accounting.

They might not be looking to hire an accountant right  away, but if you have started writing blog articles that answer lots of  common questions that people often ask, that marks you out as a reliable  source of information. Depending on your niche, you might even want to  consider writing an eBook. Another great idea that will help establish you as  a go-to figure is to write about issues that are time-based. This can include  such subjects as important changes to tax laws that can affect small and medium-size businesses (SMEs).


This content can now be shared on your social media  pages and with relevant groups. You can also use this content in email  marketing campaigns to both attract new customers and to keep your current  ones informed and interested.  


Email Campaigns in accounting

Tax season might be top-of-mind for accountants, but  it’s not always a calendar event for small business owners or the general  public. However, it is a good time to remind your client base of the services  you can offer them. It’s relatively simple to re-work your content and then  create an email campaign for your client database as the due date approaches.  Since it’s often busier near the end of the tax reporting period, you can  spread out your workload by sending email campaigns to your clients well in  advance.

Since many businesses have their own fiscal year,  automated emails are a valuable and efficient tool to remind business clients  when their time is approaching to focus on finances. Not only is this a good  way to increase your revenue, but many small businesses might appreciate the  reminder since it’s personalized to their needs.


Search Engine Optimisation - SEO in accounting

 Having a good accounting blog ties right into a search engine  optimisation strategy. When people search accounting questions, your goal is  to have a blog article that answers that question. The more questions you  answer in your blog or issues you cover, the more likely it is that these  pages will be high up in web searches. Write each blog article with specific  keywords in mind.

To ensure you rank high in local searches on Google,  remember to complete your “Google My Business” profile. For example, if  you’re an accountant in Northumberland and people nearby search for an  accountant, your Google My Business profile, will help you show up in the  results. That’s because Google gives priority to local businesses.  

According to BrightEdge research, 53.3%  of all website traffic comes from an organic search. So you can  understand why SEO is an important strategy to invest in.


Your Website

 Your site aims to convert visitors and leads into real  customers. It’s easy to create a page with some general business descriptions  and some contact info, and hope the phone rings. But you need to do much more  to get things going in your favour:

·        Create a clear  call-to-action on your website. This might be a free consultation call and a  nice big bright button next to it saying “book now”. This is how to create a  personal interaction with a potential customer.

·        You can also offer  free downloadable content from your website in exchange for subscribing to  email updates. This way, if someone is browsing your offerings but they  aren’t looking for accounting services just yet, you can prepare to follow-up  later. When tax time comes around, you can email out a reminder to everyone  who filled in your web form and offer your accounting services.


Live Stream Q&A Marketing for Accountants

Using video in marketing campaigns has become extremely  popular, especially live streaming, so using it in your accounting firm’s  marketing can have a huge impact. For example, hosting a question and answer  session can attract users to tune in and then provide valuable content for  some time after. Invite clients to submit questions in advance and publicize  the event on social media with an RSVP form.   This form could help provide some leads even before hosting the live  session.  

Digital marketing for accounting firms

 If you’re not using digital platforms to promote your  accounting firm, then this is the time to make it an integral part of your  marketing strategy. Be sure to position yourself as a trusted expert in the field and take the time to create useful content that relates to both  potential and current clients. Tap into social media groups to get exposure  and ultimately it could grow your business base dramatically as current  clients recommend your firm and potential new clients take note.

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