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Does SEO really matter for accountants?

Does SEO really matter for accountants?

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SEO for accounting firms is important because it allows you to reach the highest number of potential clients. If it's done right, SEO will target the customers that need and want your services and earn valuable traffic to your website.

To make sure you can earn those leads, you can use a few tried-and-true SEO methods on your site.

4 types of SEO services for accountants your firm can use

Your accounting firm can use a few different types of SEO services for accountants to grow your online presence and attract more potential clients to you rorganization. For example, your business can use:

1. SEO audits

Use SEO audit services to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO strategy. Plus, get actionable advice on how to improve your firm’s SEO.

2. Local SEO

Focus on businesses and people in your local community with local SEO. Local SEO improves your presence in local search results by optimizing your Google Business profile, creating localized content, and more.

3. National SEO

Reach companies and consumers across the U.K. with national SEO services. With national SEO, your accounting firm can improve its on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

4. Enterprise SEO

Compete with top competitors in high-volume search results with enterprise SEO services. These SEO services for accounting firms focus on organizations with an established SEO strategy and rankings.

Do you target certain markets? Construction companies, start-ups, retail, companies, e-commerce, mature business, or all local companies –you get the idea.  Is your accountancy firm based around Xero or Kashflow, do you really need to meet your clients? Are you a forensic accountant? A specialist in VAT, corporate finance, family businesses, tax, payroll, or do you offer cost or project accountancy services? Or do you have a mix of clients but they are all based in one area?

The answers to these questions will influence your accountancy’s digital marketing techniques.


Targeting a niche ensures laser focused marketing activities that are easier to create and measure. And as can be seen above can lead directly into other profit generating areas.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing for accountants is the collection of tactics that will be used to promote your business.  It is simply an umbrella term as is marketing for accountants.

Accountancy Websites

This is the centre of your entire accountancy marketing strategy, all roads lead to your site.

Almost all accountancy websites now have a good-looking and presentable design.  Your website needs to be easy to navigate, not have broken links or pages, an easy to see telephone number and a contact form. A page text describing a service without a contact form or a link is missing an opportunity – calls to action and visitor direction help with conversions.

SEO for Accountants

Accountancy SEO strategy is split into two areas: on your website and off your website.  Both areas of search engine optimisation work together for higher organic rankings in Google.

Most accountancy websites have fewer than 400 visitors per month.  Using keyword research, competition research and search engine optimisation is the first step to increase visitor numbers and aim for 2,000 per month as your first goal.

On-sitework will include fixing any issues that prevent higher rankings. This is completed as part of a technical SEO audit.

Off-site SEO is having your website listed on other websites – link building.  We do this primarily via writing guest blogposts for other websites and we do local citations.

Outlining your accountant SEO strategy at the start of the project ensures there is a solid plan that will create results.

Local SEO – Google Maps Optimisation

Local accountancy companies need to be listed in the map pack at the top of the search results for “accountant in local town or city”.  These three results have prominence and snatch the majority of the search traffic.

Local SEO for accountants includes full optimisation of your Google Business listing, citation submissions, and links from local websites.

To be listed in the local map pack, you need to be ranking for the same search terms on the search engine organic results page.

Accountant SEO Tips

Research Keywords Relevant to Your Target Market

Trying to target keywords like “accounting firm” is a waste of resources. These types of head keywords are highly competitive and usually not very relevant to most firms. The types of keywords that are good to use for accountants’ SEO are location variations, niche targeted, and long tail. If you have a firm that targets startups understand the problems that startups encounter and find the keywords they use to find a solution to the problems.

By focusing on longtail keywords you can create a library of content that will dominate Google’s search results. These queries do not have a lot of traffic, but they bring potential clients and highly qualified leads to your business.

Understanding your target client and their problems is important and will provide the base for all of your content.




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