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How to Do Google Ads Marketing

How to Do Google Ads Marketing



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What is a Google Ad?

When people search for a product or service you offer, these advertisements can appear based on what keywords are being used. They allow you to get your website listed at the top of the search results and in front of potential customers. A well-timed Google Ad will get your website listed at the moment a customer is looking for a product or service like yours.

You can choose which keywords you want to have trigger your ad and it can be scheduled to run at specific times. You can set a location so that an entire country or only people in a specific geographic area will see the ad campaign. It can be as global or local as you choose.

For example, you own a construction business in London and potential customers are searching “bathroom renovation”, but your website appears on the third page of results so they never see it. Then, you decide to run Google Ads for “bathroom renovation”. You set the right budget and limit your campaign for people in the London area only. Now when customers search “bathroom renovation” more of them will see your website appear on the first page of the results.

With Google Ads you pay based on results. The Google Search ads run on a cost-per-click (CPC) model so you pay each time a person clicks on it. You use Google Ads to drive people to your website, get more calls to your business, or increase visits to your shop.

Google Search ads appear on both desktop and mobile formats. They can also run in multiple languages.

If you would like to learn more, our Google Ads DIY tool is here to make it easy for you.


Are Google Ads Relevant For Small Businesses?


Yes, Google Ads are great for small enterprises, since they have capabilities that perfectly suit them. First, you can target your ads locally, meaning they appear only to people based in the geographic area that is relevant to you.

To create effective Google Ads you need to pick the right keywords, which means you need to know your customers well – and who knows their customers better than small businesses?

The timing flexibility and budget flexibility that Google Ads allow, also work well for small businesses.  


Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which One Is Better for You?

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are great for small businesses. The question is: Which should you use when? Well, Facebook Ads pop up on a user’s feed when they’re on Facebook anyway (and let’s face it, that’s where people are much of the time).

They might not have the intention to buy or book a service at that moment, but they’ve been targeted according to their interests, meaning your business is relevant to them. So, Facebook Ads are great mainly for creating brand awareness. You can also use them to sell a service or product, but the main thing would be for getting people to visit your website, to sign up for your newsletter etc.

Google Ads, on the other hand, show up in Google search results based on keywords, which means people see them when they are specifically searching for what you have to offer. That’s why they are great for getting people to book your services or buy from you immediately. Our Google Ads DIY tool is here to make it easy for you.


So, ask yourself what your end goal is at the moment. If you’re thinking long term— opt for Facebook Ads. If you’re looking for short term immediate sales and bookings, go for Google Ads.  And if you have the budget to do so — go for both!

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