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How a Guided Marketing Tool Can Help Expand Your Business

How a Guided Marketing Tool Can Help Expand Your Business



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How a Guided Marketing Tool Can Help Expand Your Business

Carry out a quick search online for marketing tools for small and medium-size enterprises and you'll be recommended to use anywhere from half-a-dozen to many dozens of such marketing tools!  

Some research says that most companies and marketers employ up to 10 such tools – at the lower end of the “recommended” number, but still a significant figure.

Mistaken strategies cause confusion

Clearly, it’s not that there is a lack of tools that can, and should, be used. The problem is more in choosing which ones fit your company’s needs. In addition, there’s the intense pressure that the requirement for an overall digital marketing strategy places on SMBs which typically only number between 1-10 staff.

With so many tasks to achieve and pressure to succeed, many smaller firms abandon their marketing efforts. Firstly, there are so many options regarding tools that they succumb to confusion. Secondly, who will take care of the marketing side which is a full-time job in itself that requires the attention of at least one staff member. So, instead of starting out with a high-level marketing plan, those companies that at least realise the need to market themselves often launch straight into marketing without setting goals.

Paralysis by analysis

Using the many tools available as individual units create a confusion of systems that is overly complex and not integrated. That leads, of course, to the classic “paralysis by analysis” syndrome, with staff working in different directions and an overload of data that in not being properly analysed. The upshot? Further confusion, frustration and disappointment.

Beyond the myriad number of tools and a lack of coordination is their cost. In the best-case scenario, this is a case of a number of subscriptions and licensing fees. In the worst case, it can mean paying an outside agency that may not necessarily understand your interests or your business, but nonetheless charges significant fees in addition to the costs of the various software programmes. When SMBs don’t see promising results, they are often persuaded that marketing is a waste of their resources.

If, on the other hand, the various tools are managed and run in-house, there is often a tendency for members of staff to be overloaded with responsibility for different aspects of marketing and endless meetings dealing with the management, monitoring and integration of tools.

Typical marketing tools

What are the typical marketing tools that are used? These usually include a website, email marketing campaigns, Google and Facebook pages and ads, a customer relationship management programme, content management systems, blogs, landing pages, Search Engine Optimisation, newsletters, using social media that fits your clients’ demography such as Instagram, and many more.

The basic aim of what all businesses are trying to achieve is clear: to attract visitors, convert them into solid leads and sales and to keep bringing clients back to buy again and again. Achieving that, however, can be a highly challenging task where SMBs invest sums that are not considerable for them, due to their necessarily limited budgets, and a frustrating journey that does not come up with the goods.

12Handz integrates, coordinates and guides your marketing plan

It is for these reasons that 12Handz has been created. We have launched what we call guided marketing tools. We know that you cannot be experts in modern marketing, along with all the other jobs that you must carry out, and the long hours that a smaller business demands of owners.  

You have achieved your dream of launching your own business and working at what you love doing. That’s where we come into the picture, by providing with you with all the marketing tools needed nowadays by SMBs.

However, 12Handz goes beyond simply guiding you about the digital marketing tools that can help you best. And it’s more than providing you with a centralised platform where all your marketing takes place in one organised and coordinated point to avoid confusion. Both of these factors will put you on the right track and make your marketing more efficient and focused right from the start.

But 12Handz can take your small or medium-size business even further via the option we offer of experienced marketing experts to guide you and your firm by taking care of your digital marketing. Our aim is for marketing tools to work hard for you, not for you to work hard and become bogged down with yet more issues to take care of. With this weight lifted from your shoulders, you are free to manage your company’s operations and use 12Handz to grow your sales.

Built with SMBs in mind, 12Handz helps you navigate the complicated world of marketing and the ever-changing needs of your customers with a focused actionable plan to reach your audience. Our expertise is guiding firms with cross-channel customized solutions to enable you to deliver a great customer experience. That means more clients, customers who return to you, and gives you the power to raise prices which satisfied buyers are willing to pay.

Check out 12Handz here to see how our experts can get you started on the road to success and growth.  

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Marketing built
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