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How accountants can create valuable leads to grow their companies

How accountants can create valuable leads to grow their companies

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Your firm is up and running and you have managed to attract business from people or companies that you may know, or by word-of-mouth referral. That’s great, but how do you bring in new business from people you don’t know? Every firm needs accounting services, but competition is tough and you need a way to stand out. Welcome to the world of lead generation. Let’s take a deeper look at this vital topic.

What is lead generation

Simply put, it’s getting contact information via your social media, website or other means and taking this through conversion to a purchase or, in your case, a new customer who wants your accounting services.

Your aim is to convince people who have come across your company online that they should be buying your services. Cold-calling is widely used – whether by telephoning potential clients or sending them emails or SMS messages – but you have a better chance of turning someone who has shown an interest in your firm into a client. So, how do you do that?

 Firstly, be laser-focused on targeting new clients. Firms looking for an accountant want a very particular set of services, depending on their line of business, so your lead generation work must focus on certain industries or challenges that your company can deal with. That way, you will find it easier to persuade potential customers to provide that all-so-critical contact info.

How do you let your prospective clients know that you understand (and can help with) their specific pain points?

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Create powerful landing pages

Get people excited about the solutions you provide via a landing page, and lead them to take a specific action, such as completing a contact form in return for a free phone consultation session or special discount. This is a standalone page made for a specific marketing or advertising campaign. It’s called a landing page because it’s where a visitor“ lands” after they click on a link in an email, your social media or an advert on the web.

A website that generates leads

Believe it or not, the websites of most professional service providers are simply not designed to generate leads. They are usually full of jargon, and in praise of the firm and therefore passive. As a result, visitors go to your competition because they cannot quickly understand what solutions you are providing.

 Companies must produce lead generating websites that make it quick and easy for clients to understand why they should come to you. That means downloading valuable information and requesting a business proposal from your firm.



In the old days, attending business seminars meant you had to travel there. Today, online webinars are all the rage, particularly because of COVID-19 forced travel restrictions. Webinars can generate fantastic leads from an event that can relatively easily organized and staged. The requirement for webinar registration, means you can easily gather information on attendees.

 A word of warning: professionals are expecting an event that provides them with high-quality information, not a swishly-camouflaged sales pitch. Choose topics carefully to ensure they will interest attendees and provide value. This is the way to build trust and confidence in your firm, and be the go-to place when they need your services.


Post compelling content marketing

Take advantage of organic types of digital marketing such as free content. Create and distribute blogs and other content that is important to your target audience: how to find and what to look for in the right accounting firm; getting ready for tax season; financial accounting jargon; setting up a book-keeping system; how to track your business expenses – and many more.

 Potential clients searching online for information will see that you understand their needs – and that will bring in new business. They can then be directed to your landing pages and contact forms allowing you to contact them directly as they will be in your database. Focused content marketing can be incredibly powerful in attracting traffic and generating new leads.


Create a company presence on LinkedIn

This is another cost-effective way of attracting attention that requires a relatively small investment in time. Marketing via social media platforms can be highly effective in generating new leads. LinkedIn is regarded as a good tool for businesses since people usually post serious content and this is very much a B2B platform. That means your accounting company will be able to reach target clients much better than it would, for example, on Instagram.

 What’s the first step? Create a detailed profile for your firm and the services it provides. Connect with small business owners. Post rich content regularly and be sure to stick to a posting timetable. Drive readers to your website and other social media, and be sure to reply promptly to any and all enquiries.


Give things away for free!

The deal is: companies give away free information, such as tips and advice, in return for readers’ email and phone details. As we all know, people love getting things for free. Think about what you can offer in return for signing up for your mailing list. This can include access to an important blog post, webinar or ebook.

 Make sure to test different tactics and offers to check which provides the best results. Once you have that info, be sure to promote it regularly on landing pages, blogs and your firm’s social media.


Install a lead management programme

At a certain point, when your lead generation is running well, you will need to your organise your prospective clients -particularly if you’re aiming different services at different groups. Don’t lose potential clients due to bad organisation after you have made so many efforts to attract them.

This is where lead management programmes are required to synchronise, for example, with a contact form so that you efficiently capture web leads from landing pages. There are also automated reminders to prompt you to contact potential clients. These types of software solutions enable you to automatically convert more leads into paying clients with less time and effort required.



Generating high-quality leads that will eventually become paying customers is your aim. As we have seen, there are many ways that you can proactively achieve this. Referrals and word-of-mouth are great, but they may not be sufficient to ensure your firm grows consistently and strongly.

Test and develop a multi-pronged approach for your accounting firm, and make sure it is appropriate for your audience. Frequentl yused online lead tactics, such as contests or sweepstakes, are simply unsuitable for many professional service firms looking to expand their client base.


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