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How Auto  Shops Can Personalise Customer Communications

How Auto Shops Can Personalise Customer Communications

Customer Loyalty


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For any small business, it’s super important to stay in touch with your customers, making them feel like valued and respected clients, as well as reaching out to potential new customers in a way that seems genuine and like a human rather than a machine.

However, when you’re trying to reach out to large numbers of regular and potential customers, it can be hard to keep the balance between covering all your bases and keeping the communication friendly and personal. The last thing you want is for your clients to feel they are receiving a large, anonymous mail merge. So, what’s the secret to reaching as many customers as possible, but making them feel that each of them matters?  

We at 12Handz have put together a handy how-to guide for striking this all-important balance.

Know Your Audience

Before you can even attempt to speak to your customers in a way that connects with them, you need to understand them. This is why it’s so important for auto repair shops to do research into their typical customers and understand what makes them tick.

For each person that comes into your shop, keep a record of who they are, their ages, interests, the way that they speak, their typical location or anything else that might feel relevant.

Use this info to build up a customer profile for a typical client who comes into your shop. That way, when you come to craft your marketing material, you’ll know the right voice you should be using.  

Ask the Right Questions

As well as building your company brand into a go-to source of info on all things auto repair, someone that customers know they can come to with all their questions – you should also remember the importance of asking your customer questions.

When you are dealing with a new client, ask for their feedback and any personal details about their car or situation that might have a bearing on the kind of service they need. Even just a small alteration to your service based on your customer’s individual need – or even just referring to it in a later email or phone call – can make all the difference to your customer in feeling valued and truly taken care of.

Follow Up

This next tip is what turns a satisfied customer into a returning and regular client. It is great to get into the habit of asking your clients for feedback or following up with them after a job well done. Why not send an email or drop them a quick phone call a few days or a week after their visit, asking them how they and their car are getting on since the service?  

Not only does this provide the opportunity for you to ask them to post a positive review or recommend them to your friends, but checking in after the job is finished gives the customer a feeling that you really care about them and the quality of service you’ve given them.

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