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How to Achieve Business Growth and Stability in Your Electrical Business

How to Achieve Business Growth and Stability in Your Electrical Business

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The electrical industry has changed a lot in the last few years, and we are looking ahead to more developments in the future. As technology systems and electrical infrastructure continue to become more complicated and specialised, electricians across the industry need to keep up with the new demands with increased training and awareness.  

And that’s not the only way that the technology and consumer needs of today mean that every electrical company will need to evolve – including yours. Let’s take a look at how to achieve growth and stability for your electrical business in the current climate.  

Online electricial business

As more and more customers are heading online to find answers to their electrical problems, it’s increasingly important that your business has an online presence. Word-of-mouth is still incredibly valuable, but customers today aren’t just asking their friends for recommendations – they’re Googling or looking on social media.  

So, you could be the best electrician in the world, but if you’re not online, they are simply not going to find you. Now is the time to make sure your business has a dedicated website, as well as profiles across all the popular social media channels.  

Brand Identity

Getting your business online and reaching new customers through digital channels doesn’t just increase your chances of getting noticed. It also allows you to think about the kind of image and personality you want to be presenting to the world.  

What is it about your business that you are most proud of? What electrical tasks do you specialise in? The more involved you become in building your online profile, the more you’ll need to ask yourself these sorts of questions and become more aware of your strengths and priorities as a business.

Online booking

Once you have increased your reach and found new and potential customers online, you need to think about how you will convert them into paying clients. It’s great if people are impressed with what they see online about you – but they will lose interest quickly if they can’t easily book your services then and there.

That’s why in addition to an online presence, you need to offer online booking and a completely smooth scheduling process for your customers – integrating your calendar into your website and automated booking system.  

Be Responsive

The next most important thing is to make sure your customers realise there’s a real person behind all this impressive online marketing. Even though most people look for their electrical needs online, they still want to be able to talk to a real person and feel like they are in good hands.  

Your website and automated booking system will make it so much easier for you to reply quickly to your new and potential customers – meaning that if they’ve reached out to three different companies for quotes, you can be first to get back to them and win their custom. Thanks to 12Handz, you can integrate your online presence, scheduling and messaging all in one place on our platform.  

Follow Up

As well as being quick to respond to messages, one way to ensure your customers turn into regulars is to keep up the communication even after a job well done. Make sure you always follow up with a message or phone call a day or so after your visit, to check that all is well.

Not only does this make customers feel valued and more likely to return to you for the next job, it also gives them an opportunity to give you feedback. And that is incredibly valuable in more ways than one…

Listen and Learn

If you take the time to listen to your customer feedback, it does a lot more than just making them feel valued and appreciated. It also gives you a huge opportunity to grow your business – no matter what their feedback is.

If they have nothing but glowing praise to give – great! Then you should ask them to post reviews online – and you can publish them on your website also. But what if they have complaints or comments? Well, actually – that’s also great! As you can use this as an opportunity to learn and grow, and work out a way to improve your business going forward.  

Learn and Grow

Listening to your customer feedback is just one way to understand how your business is working and what areas you may need to improve. It’s important for any business to take regular financial stock – not only in terms of the actual electrical work, but when it comes to your online marketing efforts, too.

Take the time to analyse your business plan and how new projects and ideas are going – what’s working well and what isn’t.  

And it’s not just your company that you need to look at – make sure you are just as aware of how your competitors are doing. Keep a close eye on other businesses’ online marketing efforts and service offerings, and how they differ from yours.  

Once you truly understand your own business strengths and those of your competition, you can pinpoint what makes your business stand out from the crowd – and make sure your customers know it too.

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