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How to Boost Your Accounting Business’ Word-of-Mouth

How to Boost Your Accounting Business’ Word-of-Mouth



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Using Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Boost Your Accounting Business

Word-of-mouth is one of the most popular marketing channels for accountancy firms. Trust and client relationships are key for accountants, so it certainly makes sense that clients rely on referrals from their friends and associates to pick the right accountant for them. Word-of-mouth and referral marketing are a type of “organic” marketing channel that generate quality leads.  But did you know there are ways to boost your word-of-mouth effect and get more clients to recommend you? This is how:

1.     Invest in Your Client Relationships

Solid client relationships should be the cornerstone of the services you provide. Each client wants to feel that you recognise and address their unique needs and requirements. That means learning everything you can about them and personalising your services to that specific client.

For example, if you cater to small businesses, you need to learn if this is a new or an established business. New and established businesses often have different needs, which change over time. New businesses often struggle with cash flow issues, for which financial management services can be provided. By learning valuable details about your client, in this case a small business, you can offer them custom-made services and show them that you understand and can address their challenges. This kind of personal approach to your clients will help you when you reach out to them and ask them to support your business through a word-of-mouth referrals.

2.     Ask Clients for Referrals

This may sound like an awkward request but it doesn’t have to be. To boost your word-of-mouth marketing, it’s essential to reach out to your clients and encourage them to refer your business to their friends and associates.

You can do that either in person, after a successful consultation meeting or having filed an important report the client was expecting. You can share with your clients how beneficial the impact of their referral could be for your business or mention that you’re looking to grow, so they understand the value of their referral.

Another way is by creating an email campaign asking clients to share their positive experience with your business. Another method is by adding a link to every email you send clients that says “To refer this business to another client, click this link”.

3.     Reward Customer Loyalty
client giving referral, word-of-mouth marketing for accountants

When asking clients for referrals, it’s important to let them know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. So, to encourage clients to spread the word about your business, you could offer them a reward.

This could be a free audit or a free consultation, or a 10% discount on your services for the upcoming year. Make sure to notify your clients of these rewards and even remind them of the reward program in regular emails and communications. Social media is also a good way to boost participation in the program.

But a reward program alone isn’t enough. A heartfelt “thankyou” email goes a long way in persuading your clients to recommend your business to their friends and acquaintances.  Let your clients know of the contribution their referrals make to your business. People love supporting small businesses and feeling they have a part in their success – this insight will help you when you decide to reach out again and ask for another referral down the line.

4.     Make it Easy to Spread the Word

Client willingness to recommend your business isn’t enough to bring new business into your accountancy firm. You need to make it as easy as possible to make are feral.

It’s quite likely that your clients don’t know anyone who’s currently looking for accounting or bookkeeping services. But if they were to post about your business on social media, a potential client would see their posts and become interested in hiring you.

This is why it’s critical to invest in the right marketing for accountants. As a chartered accountant, your firm has vast expertise in different fields, such as taxes, payroll, financial management, etc. You can share this expertise with your client in the form of online content, such as a blog on your website, short or long social media posts, videos, etc.

When you create content on your website, make sure to add a “share” button, which readers can use to share your articles with others via email, chats or social media. You can also post your content to social media, where your followers can easily share your content with their own connections and friends. LinkedIn is one of the best networks for such practices, as it is a professional social media website, where users receive and share professional advice.

5.     Boost Your Positive Reviews

Online reviews are the digital version of referrals. They contribute to the credibility of your business and create a sense of trust among potential clients.

If your clients don’t know anyone who they could refer to your business, you can always ask them for a review instead. The more positive online reviews you get, the higher the chances of potential clients coming across them and choosing to work with you.

The best ways to encourage clients to write reviews are very similar to those that businesses use to get referrals. You can ask for an online review in person, or in an email or on social media. You can also feature a link to various review sites on your website. Happy clients are likely to respond well to your request for a positive review that supports your accountancy firm.

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