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How to craft the perfect About Us page for your website

How to craft the perfect About Us page for your website



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The About Us page is one of the most visited pages on any website. Did you know that once on a company’s homepage, 52% of visitors want to see About Us information? Even if they’re not aware of that, most business owners know they need an About Us page to let their visitors know what services and products they offer. What they might not know is that an About Us page is about much more than that. 

This particular page on your website is an essential marketing tool and should be treated as such. Sadly, this is something many business owners don’t realise. The About Us page is often overlooked and treated lightly. Don’t make this mistake. You need to put some thought and effort into creating your About Us page — not just provide the basic info. 

The About Us page is really important for any business website, and especially for small business websites. A small business is not are recognisable brand. As opposed to a large company, if you own a small business, people don’t know who you are and what you’re all about.

The About Us page is the place where your website visitors actually get to know you. This is essential as people don’t want to book services or buy from people they don’t know. If they feel like they know you more personally, customers are much more likely to convert. So tell them what your story is and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Finding out what you do and what you sell is easy, but people also need to know where you’re coming from and what you’re about.

The About Us page is not just about what you offer, it’s about who you are.

From reading your About Us page your visitors will want to know what’s special about your business, why it is right for them and, most importantly, they need to trust you.

Keep in mind that many of them might know nothing about you and they won't be inclined to choose your business if they will still feel that way after visiting your website. Use this opportunity to tell them who you are and to establish credibility.

From your About Us page, site visitors will not only decide if they can trust you but also if you understand their problems and are able to fix them.

This means your content needs to give your visitors confidence that your business is precisely what they need. There are probably other businesses in your area that offer similar services or products to you and in a similar price range and you want people to choose you over the competitors. 

Let’s say you own a 1970s vintage Volkswagen Campervan which needs a new paint job. You wouldn’t take it to just any auto shop in your area— you would want to know that you are trusting your beloved vintage camper in the hands of an auto shop that specialises in classic cars and shares your passion. That’s how your customers feel too. So show them that they can relate to you and that you are exactly right for them. 


So, what does an About Us page usually include?

●       A brief history of your business

●       What makes your business unique

●       Photos of you and sometimes your team 

●       What your business stands for: your values or beliefs

●       Why customers should choose you


Other elements you can add to your About Us page include; images (that’s a must), videos, testimonials, invitation to subscribe to your newsletter, contact form, CTAs, links to your social profiles, star ratings, Google Maps or directions to a shopfront


So now you know what your About Us page should do and what it should include. But how do you make it outstanding and effective? Here are 8 tips for creating the perfect About Us page for your small business website:

1.   Let them know what you’re really about


In order to write a good About Us page you first need to find your business’s X factor and understand what sets your business apart from other similar businesses. While other pages of your website focus on your services, products, staff, prices etc, this page is dedicated to what makes your business unique.


For example, if what sets your business apart from others in your field is that yours is really small and intimate with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere — state that. If what sets it apart is its young and funky vibe — mention that. If the unique thing about your business is that it’s family owned and passed on from generation to generation — convey that.  

2. Think of your customers


It’s called an About Us page and not an About You page —true. But when crafting the copy for it you need to think of your customers and convey to them how you can fulfil THEIR needs and solve THEIR problems.

Make it clear that what you’re about is serving THEM.

Don’t just write about you, also talk about your customers and what you can do for them. Let your visitors know that you understand them and their pain points. Clearly state what benefits and solutions you offer and who they are right for.


You can also mention what you’ve already done for other  happy customers and how you’ve helped them by adding real customer testimonials to your About Us page.

3. Keep it real


Don’t over-glorify your business and don’t over-promise things you can’t deliver. On one hand, the About Us page IS the place in your website where you should sing your own praises but you need to do it in an elegant and tasteful manner. Try using facts and stories to avoid sounding like you’re bragging or seeming pushy.

Don’t overdo it with over-wordy mission statements either. Make sure your About Us page conveys who you really are and what you can really do for your customers. Communicate your real values and beliefs as well as mentioning facts and specific accomplishments. Give your visitors true, clear and specific information about your business so they’ll have good solid reasons to choose you. 

4. Use the power of storytelling


People relate to stories so start a good relationship by telling yours. Write a bit about why you started your business and what problems you wanted to solve.

If there is an interesting story behind this —even better. If your business is a family business passed on from your grandfather to your father to you, tell your story. If your business started out really small and grew into something big and impressive — tell that story. If you opened your business to overcome a problem you yourself had or to pursue a personal lifelong passion of yours, tell your story.

Feel free to share your struggles on your About Us page. Be honest about what you went through and what brought you to this specific business. 

You can incorporate your bio, mention your education, your work experience and your interests. An engaging and honest human story will help your visitors trust you and relate to you. It will create a human connection which is very important to any business. However, it’s key to keep this part short so that this page is interesting and memorable.

Your website visitors don’t want to read your autobiography, they just want to read enough to know they like you and can trust you. So make sure to carefully edit your story and leave out any unnecessary details.

Plus, a little humor never hurts. Just how much humor you want to use obviously depends on the line of business you’re in and your business’s identity.


5. Make it personal


In order to relate with your business, your website visitors want to see real names and faces. Remember that people are checking you out online and not in a brick and mortar shop, which means they don’t see your face or hear your voice. Any customer needs a human connection and your About Us page should provide them with that.

Try to give them a behind the scenes peek at your business, so to speak. Provide readers with any content that makes your business less anonymous. Make it human and relatable and strive to create an emotional connection.

You don’t need to introduce your entire team in your About page but you can if you want to. You can either do that as part of your About Us page or in a separate Meet the Team page. That usually depends on the size of your staff and the type of business you own.

Either way your About Us page should include at least some personal photos. If you have a separate Meet the Team page, the About Us page can include a photo of just the owners, for example, plus a few words about them. If you have a brick and mortar shop, why not include a photo of the place? You could also include a photo of you or a staff member actually performing the work. It all depends on the type of business you own.

Have a look at other About Us pages of websites in your industry to gather inspiration.

Being personal is not just about including photos and giving out personal details but it’s also in your tone of voice. A good About Us page needs to be personal, believable and also likeable, so write it in a friendly and personal tone of voice. 

6. Include CTAs


Visitors who are reading your About Us page obviously are interested in your business so make it easy for them to further engage with the website. Use the power of your About Us page to convert visitors into leads and into customers. Add a Call to Action button to the page to make your visitors take their next step —whatever you want that to be.  


7. Don’t forget design


Obviously it’s not all about text. Design and visuals are no less important. Up until now we said your copy should convey who you are and what you’re about, as well as be trustworthy, personal, friendly, engaging and inviting — all of these things are also true about the design of this page.  

Among other things, this means that you should use real photos that create a connection and not generic stock-photos. Your About Us page should be well designed, with colours, fonts and an overall design aligned to your unique brand identity.  


8. Keep it fresh


Writing an About Us page is not a one time thing. Remember to update it once in a while. Adding new accomplishments or new things about your business will ensure it is always up to date, relevant and credible.


To sum up


Your About Us page is an introduction to your business and an essential marketing tool. For many it might be the first impression you are making which makes it all the more vital in creating brand/customer relationships.  

If you follow these instructions and put some thought into your About Us page it will do much more than simply inform. It will establish credibility and build trust, create authority and likeability. It will make your existing and potential customers and feel much closer to you and it will do wonders.

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