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They don’t say your staff is your most valuable asset for nothing. Your employees' skills actually account for 85% of your business’s assets. So how can you make the most out of this asset? By creating a charming Meet the Team page on your website, that will help you attract more customers. In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about attracting more customers to your business, with a killer Meet the Team page.

Why Do You Need a Meet the Team Page?

1.   To make your brand more reliable: When potential customers, who don’t know your business, reach your website, the first thing they do is look for an About Us or a Meet the Team page. A website with no Meet the Team page reduces the reliability of your brand.  

2. To make your brand more personable:  People don’t just randomly walk into a business anymore — they research online before making an appointment, ordering a service or even just shopping. Since people can be reluctant to book with someone they don’t know anything about, go ahead and tell them a bit about your staff. Faces, names, bios… in short — real people. That’s what makes your brand more personable and will help customers choose you over others.

3. To help customers feel confident: Getting a massage to relieve pain, a new dog walker for your dog, a new dentist, a lawyer to help you with your divorce or even a new haircut, can all feel like a risk. Potential clients need to trust you and your team in order to do business with you. Tell potential customers about your team’s experience and expertise, to help them feel more confident and choose you. 

4. To inspire loyalty:  Your regulars know your staff. Still, they can learn something new about each staff member. Knowing that someone loves surfing, or has a dog, or is into sci-fi, can deepen the emotional connection to them and inspire loyalty.  

5. To help make your brand memorable: Your business surely has a unique vibe. But it’s difficult to relate to it through your website. Introducing your staff helps people get your specific vibe and makes your brand more memorable.

6. To make your staff proud: A great Meet the Team page isn’t just for potential customers, it’s for your staff members too. It will make them feel proud and appreciated. And feeling like part of a team increases motivation too.

7. To attract new talent: If you were looking for a job, wouldn’t you want to know who else works at the place you're applying to? Showing potential employees that you already have a strong team, can do a lot to attract top talent to your business.    

Building a Killer Meet the Team Page in 9 Easy Steps

Now that you’re aware of all the great things an effective Meet the Team page can do for your business, here’s how you do it, step by step. 

1. Learn from others

Look at other websites in your field. It’s always helpful to see what others are doing. Make a list of what you liked and didn’t like, what you feel is right for your brand and what isn’t. Remember: Each brand is unique, and your Meet the Team page should reflect your brand in style and tone. 

2.  Choose a clear title

Decide how you want to call your staff introduction page. Meet the Team, Our Team, Our Staff or something else. It can relate to your type of business, like “Our Legal Team” for a law firm or “Our Stylists” for a hair salon. Make sure the title is clear, so that visitors to your website will know where to look in order to learn more about your staff.

3. Decide on your tone of voice

The content of your page and its tone of voice should align with your brand values. If you’re running a funky young shop, you might want to use a laid-back and fun tone. If you run a dental clinic, you’ll probably want to stick to a more formal and professional tone and an aesthetic that suggests the same. 

4.  Decide which content to include

Your content too needs to be aligned with your brand values. So you need to consider which kind of information and how much of it you want to include in your staff bios. Some businesses give their staff members’ first names only. Others use their full name or even nicknames.

Some share something personal or fun about each team member. Others keep it strictly professional. Some include a link to each member’s social media, others don’t. Decide what’s right for you. Then keep it consistent and keep it short (no longer than one paragraph for each).

Here’s a list of things you could include in each staff member’s bio:

- Name, title and job description
- Short bio, emphasizing professional background, qualifications and skills
- Industry-related accomplishments
- Some personal details
- A few words on what inspires and motivates them or an inspirational quote
- Which services they can be booked for, and their working schedule

Obviously, not all of these are relevant for every type of business — choose what’s right for yours.  

5.  Ask your team members to help out

Your staff can take part in creating your team page. You can talk to each team member and ask them for their info. Or you could create a template for your staff to fill in. Next to the template include one example, to help them get the gist of it.

State which details must be included and which are optional. And state approximately how many words they need to write. Once you’re done writing and editing, show them the result before publishing.

6.  Take awesome photos of your team

People tend to forget names, but not faces. That’s why photos are the most important component of every Meet the Team page. Consider the kind of photos that are right for your brand. If you’re running a retro-style diner, maybe post old photos of your employees as kids or their old high-school photos with big hair. Or maybe take their photos yourself using a polaroid camera. If you’re the owner of an organic spa, you can photograph your staff wearing white with greenery in the background.

You don’t have to use a professional photographer. Just be sure to take all the photos in the same style and proportion. Or, take all of them in the same spot, to create a consistent look. Again, think what kind of photos are right for your brand.

7. Be consistent

Your Meet the Team page should be consistent with the design of the rest of your website. Make sure you use the same color scheme, fonts etc. You can learn more about brand consistency and its advantages here.  

8.  Give thought to where you place the link to the Meet the Team page

Some websites link to their Team page from their top navigation bar. That’s the links at the top of every page of your website. Is there a reason not to do so? Yes, there could be. If you have a very complex website structure, with many other links at the top navigation bar, you might want to place the link to the page elsewhere.

Another reason could be not to draw away attention from your main call-to-action button — your Book Now or Order Now button, for example. However, we recommend that you put it at the top. If not on your homepage, then definitely on your Service Menu and Book Now pages. And make it easy for customers to find.  

9.  Make sure the Meet the Team page is always up to date

Schedule yourself a reminder every few months to check if anything on the Meet the Team page needs updating. If someone has joined or left your team, the page should reflect that. If someone has a new title or job description, make sure to update. And if someone’s on leave, say so to avoid disappointed customers. 

COOL BONUS: Great Photography Tips and Examples



  • Get the lighting right — Check that you don’t have unflattering shadows. 
  • Use Portrait mode on your phone or camera, to make your team members pop out of the photo. 
  • Try to find a branded spot, that either includes the name of your business, or that is very characteristic of your interior. 
  • Dress code — If that’s consistent with your brand, ask your team for a certain dress code for the photos. They can all wear black or white or whatever you feel is right for your brand.
  • Make sure your team looks the part — This is true for whenever they come into work, and especially for the photo shoot. Looking the part means more than looking good. Your team should reflect your value proposition, and customer expectations. If you are a cutting edge business for young hipsters, obviously that’s how your staff should look too. If you’re a tattoo and piercing studio, employees with great tattoos and piercings reflect well on your business. If you’re a gym, well-toned bodies will do the trick. If you are a beauty salon, your staff’s makeup needs to be top notch. If you are a hair salon, your staff’s hair needs to be in top shape. Ok, you get it.
  • Consider a group photo — Another great way of showing off your team is a group photo. It brings your team to life, and gives the feeling that your business is a welcoming place, with a good atmosphere. Again — this doesn’t suit any type of business. Consider if it suits yours. Sometimes it's best to do both:  personal photos and bios, plus a group photo.


The “Our Legal Team” page of California law firm Boyd shows head-shots of well-groomed attorneys and paralegals that look friendly but serious and professional, like the kind if people you would trust with your legal issues:

Fringe salon in NYC went for a fresh, informal and personal approach to introducing the staff. Instead of taking everyone’s photo on premises, each staff member provided their own photo, in a location of their choice, without adhering to a specific color scheme.

At Fringe, it’s all about personal expression and individuality, and that’s how the staff is introduced as well. The staff bios state something about each person’s personality, what they love in life and their personal vision regarding hair styling.

Note how each bio ends with a link to each staff member’s Instagram account or website and with a CTA button to book an appointment with that specific stylist. Linking your online booking to this page and letting people book with each specific staff member is a great idea.

A group photo is a great way to show the unity and closeness of your team. Like NY’s dog walking business Doggie Do Gooders did:


You’ve just learned why a Meet the Team page is important for your business website, and how to create one. Have any more questions? Write us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you.  

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