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How to do video marketing on a low budget

How to do video marketing on a low budget



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As a form of promoting your brand or business, video has one of the highest returns of investment when used in social media marketing. In are cent survey it was found that 87% of marketers say video directly increases traffic to their website while 95% of video marketers intend to increase the spend on video to compete in their industry.

In general, video content should be easy to digest and instantly grab the consumers attention. While people online tend to click away from sites within a short period of time, a longer piece of video content can keep them on site for longer while educating them about something that could be harder to read if it were communicated in a written format.


Of course, you will have seen plenty of promotional videos for brands and companies which are high-budget, well-edited and resemble an advert on TV but thanks to the rise in use of social media channels across all ages, people are now becoming accustomed to less professional-quality videos online.

This new form of shorter, more raw-material video content is where you can make huge savings on your marketing budget while increasing your community outreach and return on investment too. Now a video marketing campaign with a low budget is possible. Here are some video marketing tips which help you make a low budget videos.


Choosing the Right Platform for your target audience


There are plenty of types of video marketing styles to choose from and these are specific to your business objectives from video marketing. High-budget companies will invest in long promotional or advertorial style videos that can sit on your own website or serve as an advert to lead people to your website.

YouTube is the right platform for interview-style videos, tutorials or educational pieces. However, for businesses and brands aiming to create video content on a tighter budget TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reelsare the perfect platforms.

If you’re just launching your video marketing strategy and find yourself overwhelmed with choice, it’s worth spending sometime exploring all of the platforms available to you, researching competitors and learning about the engagement rates of video marketing across your industry.

The benefit of many of these sites and platforms is that they are usually free to use and easy to upload so, as a brand, you can try before you buy or start heavily investing.

Educate and Demonstrate on YouTube


YouTube is the original platform for video marketing and has continued to grow and develop with the marketing industry. This is the perfect place for longer form videos with the aim to educate customers about your brand, business or services provided.

Interviews with key people at the company or testimonials from existing clients are easy to set up and create in-house and YouTube itself makes it very easy for even beginner video marketers to upload content. The benefit of using YouTube for video marketing is that it is a website and app solely dedicated to video content, so your customer will know what to expect and be browsing for a very long time.

The use of suggested videos will allow people to find your businesses page if they have started browsing somewhere else. YouTube also makes it very easy to embed video content elsewhere, for example on your businesses own blog, into e-mail marketing newsletters and physically on your website too.


How to Create YouTube Videos on a Budget


If you’re just starting out with video marketing and don’t want to invest in a production company to create content, then YouTube is a very easy platform to begin with. Smart phones or handheld cameras can produce a great quality video and there are plenty of free editing apps and tutorials available to assist you in finishing your video content.

Our top tips for creating YouTube video marketing content on a budget would be to keep it simple, ensure great lighting and good sound quality. You will also benefit from sticking to shorter, more natural pieces rather than trying to imitate high-end multi-scene videos that you tend to see from big budget brands.


From experience, one-to-one conversations, interviews or tutorials are quick wins for businesses when creating video marketing content for YouTube. These are cost-effective ways to demonstrate what your brand does, allow consumers to hear from the brand themselves and also get your product in front of people who ordinarily may not have come to your store or shop before.

It’s important to ensure that the tone of voice is natural and approachable rather than seem like paid advertising as this is also a great way to engage customers.


Entertain and Engage on TikTok and Reels - short videos


If you want to guarantee views and engagement with your video content and don’t have the budget to spend on lengthy advertorials across Facebook Ads then Reels and TikTok are the way forward. On average a video on Reels gets 1.2million videos while TikTok’s get 1.92 million views.

In addition to this, following their huge success for individuals and businesses who want to create an online presence, they are both now completely shoppable so you can link from these videos easily too.


With the help of the in-app editing service, which is very easy to use, anyone can create quick, ‘click-bait’ style content that is easily shared and reposted between friends, individuals and communities. If you’re looking to go viral then this is the platform for you.


Quick Videos, Quick Returns


TikTok and Reels rotate around trends and in order to achieve high performing videos you’ve got to become an expert in this field. By simply browsing both apps to do a weekly competitor shop weekly, you’ll ensure that your brand or business is keeping up with the trends and can react accordingly.  

To create engaging content across TikTok and Instagram Reels, keep up to date with what songs are trending so you can use one of these in your next marketing video. Apps like Spotify have a ‘Trending on TikTok’ playlist readily available for you to use to help you with your research.


Stories that Create a Buzz


If you want to quickly upload video to send a message to customers or introduce a new product or service, then Instagram and Facebook Stories are an extremely easy and hassle-free way of doing so.

Using these platforms you can instantly upload video content to your social media pages that viewers can flick through while they are scrolling. Stories also allow you to upload static imagery and infographics as part of these slides to enable you to add more context to your video content.

Both Instagram and Facebook have a ‘swipe up’ feature making each slide of your story linkable to a specific page of your website or an individual product making this a quick and cheap way to get customers to your website.

You can also make use of Live Stories where followers can join you on a live video chat. Live Stories are a great way to open discussions about your business, engage followers and get the social media community talking about your brand.

Case studies of successful live video content include tours of factories, partnerships with influencers, interviews with leaders within the brand or simply just online demonstrations. You can also use live stories to gage the interest of your followers across social media by reading through the comments section afterwards.  


Investing Your Budget Wisely


When you launch a video marketing strategy, it’s extremely important that you have a clear idea of who you want to reach, what you want to say and the desired outcome of your content.

For example, do you want to generate followers across social media or are you more interested in pushing traffic to your site? Do you need to spend 20 minutes on YouTube explaining how a service works or will a snappier 30 second reel show off your service in amore fun manner?

Low budget marketing videos


At 12Handz we understand how important it is to make cost-effective decisions, especially when you’re trying something new. Our team of video experts are at hand to start creating video marketing strategies for your business whether it’s your first reel or a high-budget advertorial.

While the content is important, it’s also crucial to ensure that you are executing the video marketing strategy in a budget-friendly way too. Our teams are able to assist you with paid social advertising for your video and targeting like-minded customers through alternative avenues too. For more information on how we can help you get the most out of your video marketing budget visit our website.



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