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How to get new business from Linkedin for your accounting firm

How to get new business from Linkedin for your accounting firm



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How to Get New Business from Linkedin for Your Accounting Firm

While it may be true that referrals are a key marketing channel for accounting firms, they are a limited channel, that extends only to your customers, their friends and their associates. As we mentioned in our previous article, Mistakes in Small Business Marketing, it’s important to diversify your marketing channels and not just stick to one.

Linkedin is a social network for professionals and businesses that can be highly effective for accountants and accounting firms. It’s where people look to network and find a job – but also where they look for business partners and business advice. So here are four ways to get new business from Linkedin for your accounting firm.


1.    Create a Detailed Company Page

Business pages on Linkedin are very similar to their counterparts on Facebook: people can follow them and interact with them. They are also a great channel through which your firm can engage its existing and potential customers.

Add good-quality images and a compelling description to your page – your potential customers will see and judge you based on your business profile. Encourage your employees to start their personal Linkedin profiles (if they don’t have one already) and mention your company as their workplace.

That way, your employees will also appear on your business page, and customers will be able to see and be impressed by your team of professionals.

You can also add your services to your page and videos about them or about your company. If you have customer events or webinars, you can use the Events tab to share them with your audience.

2.    Write Expert Content

Now that you’ve created your company page, it’s time to start writing and sharing your expert content.

Content is the best way to get discovered on Linkedin by potential customers. Content gets distributed fairly easily on Linkedin, compared to other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, simply because Linkedin shows users which content their connections have read and commented on.

This means that if a Linkedin user “likes” or comments on an article, their Linkedin connections are likely to see this article in their feed as well. So the more likes, comments and shares your content will get, the more people will see it.

Quality content is engaging content, that provides value to its readers and addresses the pressing questions they have. For example, if your expertise is tax planning and you cater to medium-size businesses, you can write and share an article on the best practices for tax planning in 2021 for…you guessed it, medium businesses.

This way, businesses looking for professional advice on tax planning are likely to come across your content, and if they find it valuable –may even consider hiring you. If your content isn’t getting enough traction organically, you can always promote it using ads, so it appears as a “sponsored article” in your target audience’s feed.

3.    Ask Customers for Recommendations

As we previously mentioned, referrals are a major marketing channel for accounting firms and the good news is you can replicate this marketing tactic to Linkedin.

Linkedin allows your customers to endorse their favourite products and services.

In the same way that Linkedin content “liked” or commented on by users is seen by their Linkedin connections, recommendations are also visible to your customers’ connections. This means that each recommendation has the potential to bring you new customers, who are connected on Linkedin with your existing clients.

You can encourage customers to give you recommendations by adding a line in your emails or even do it in person, after a successful consultation. People are happy to support local businesses and will be equally happy to show their support on Linkedin.

Recommendations and skill endorsements are even more popular on individual profiles. Your employees have an important role here as well. You can ask your customers to endorse your employees’ skills, which would reflect on your company and the quality of the service you provide.

4.    Join Groups That Cater to Your  Audience and Give Expert Advice

Linkedin is a professional community, so it’s only natural that businesses turn to it for professional advice.

Linkedin users engage with groups of their peers to discuss different aspects of their work and industry, and to also ask questions. You can leverage that by joining these groups and seizing opportunities to share your expertise.

For example, if you cater to businesses in the hospitality industry and specialise in payroll, then it would be wise to join groups like UK Restaurants and Restaurateurs. Once a payroll-related question comes up, you can give an answer that will demonstrate your expertise.

It’s important to engage with these kinds of groups consistently, so you can gain more visibility over time and build your brand as the go-to accounting firm for your target audience, or in this case hospitality business.

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