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How to Increase your Customer Engagement on Social Media

How to Increase your Customer Engagement on Social Media

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Strong social media engagement can be crucial for businesses in developing consumer relationships. A business can fine-tune brand loyalty with their followers by seeing how engaged they are with a firm’s content. Better engagement rates will always lead to new users finding your page on social media platforms. The higher your engagement rate, the more likely it is you will be favoured by social media algorithms and show up on interest pages and users’ feeds.  


Here are our top tips to increase engagement on social media and benefit your business.  


Take Part in Conversations to improve your customer engagement strategy   

There will always be plenty of brands on social media selling similar products or services to yours. Social media users are now more interested in digesting content that may lead them to a sale rather than pushing them towards one. Rather than using social media to solely talk about your products or business, create a buzz around your industry by joining in on topical conversations and giving your customers inspirational content as well as sales messaging. Joining groups is a great way to reach new customers who are talking about and interested in your industry. 


Engage With Other Brands  

While other brands are your competitors, there are plenty of ways you can use their content to your advantage on social media. Firstly, by commenting on their posts you will instantly be visible to a whole new group of users who may not have discovered your brand. Secondly, by engaging with larger businesses you can position yourself as a bigger authority in your industry by association. Commenting on memes with humour has also become a popular way for brands to become viral or a talking point on social media platforms.  


Think about the Frequency and Timing of Your Posts 

When planning your social media think about how often you’re posting; your users will want to see consistency but don’t overload their feeds!  


Choosing a number of times per week to post on social media will encourage you to think strategically about what you’re posting and will keep your content engaging, rather than posting every day. 


Similarly, the timings of your posts will be vital to engagement rates. Think about when your users are most active on social media and what times of day they are more likely to see your post on their feed.  


Increase customer loyalty   

Liking and replying to comments on your posts is a sure way to increase engagement with your followers. Users who are interested in your topic will feel special, or important, which leads to them feeling positive about your brand. Replying to comments will also increase the chances of people liking and commenting on posts again as they will feel valued as a follower.  


If you want to engage with your followers further, you could set up an Instagram or Facebook live event where followers can join you for a conversation. This is a great marketing tool as it also allows you to demonstrate new products, explain certain elements of your business or simply start a conversation with people who are interested in your industry or brand.  


Use Hashtags 

By using appropriate and relevant hashtags, you will put your social media activity on the map for those topics. The more hashtags you use, the more visible your content is across social media platforms.  When using hashtags, it’s essential to not overcomplicate it, and use SEO to direct which hashtags you use. Think of who you want to target, what they’ll be searching for and then find the key search terms. If you also decide to have a bespoke hashtag you can encourage influencers or customers to use this when they post about your business. This can help you ‘trend’ on social media platforms and in turn increase your engagement rate with other new users.  


Encourage Followers to Engage with your Posts 

Remember, that your informative and entertaining content should also be engaging. Surveys and polls on your social media pages are not only an easy way to get real-time customer feedback but can also increase the amount of engagement you have on your feed. Surveys and polls are quick and easy for existing customers to vote in, plus they actively encourage your followers to immediately engage with your brand.  


Run Competitions 

Another way to actively encourage your followers to engage with posts on social media is by running giveaways and competitions. These are usually very easy and cost-effective to run and can have a huge impact on engagement with your page and post. For simple competitions, a brand will ask followers to either like, comment or share a post and then pick a winner from all of the people who have engaged with a post. You can also team up with other brands who have similar objectives but different followers in order to cross-promote brands and competitions.  


When you’re looking to boost your engagement on social media it’s crucial to have a strong customer engagement strategy. By planning out what you’re posting, and when and why you’re posting it, you will have a clearer understanding of what you want to achieve from each post.  


The 12Handz marketing tool can make this simple for you with an easy scheduling tool and real-time data informing you about the engagement rate of each post so you can track your progress accurately.  

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