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How to build trust with customers in accountancy business

How to build trust with customers in accountancy business

Customer Loyalty


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Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes and ask the most basic of questions: would you buy from a business that you do not trust? The answer is clear. That’s why customer trust and loyalty built on solid and genuine relationships is critical. Your accounting firm’s aim must be to inspire trust among your clients – not the easiest of tasks, but one that can be achieved through honest and open communication.

Think of it this way: when companies build trust, they turn customers into their evangelists who will recommend your business to friends and associates. As a result, your brand visibility expands, meaning you attract more clients, you lose fewer clients, and you boost your revenues. And, as we know, there is no more powerful way of attracting new business than word of mouth. A loyal and believing customer base is the most fertile ground for continued growth.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why inspiring trust in your customers is important:


Lack of trust = lack of customers

There is nothing more basic than this. Think of how you relate to a business. Would you hand over your money to a firm that does not inspire your trust and confidence? Even if clients are persuaded that your service is high quality, if they don’t believe in your company, you are unlikely to win their business.


I believe in you – get your customers to trust you

Ironically, many companies hire a marketing agency to help them identify how to expand their business, but don’t work on how to establish trust and inspire confidence in clients. It's a basic human need to trust someone before we agree to go on any sort of journey with them, so aim to make your customers happy and to trust in your company.

It's a jungle out there - customer loyalty

Competition has never been tougher, markets change all the time, and trends come and go. There are just some of the challenges that firms face. Clients have many choices and alternatives ,and their loyalty is brittle. They don’t need more choices of the same sort of firm, they need one that is honest and authentic. A firm that aims to create a genuine relationship not just the next sale.


Your name is on the line

What's in a name, Shakespeare wrote 400 years ago. He knew what he was talking about. Be what you say you are. If not, you will be found out very quickly. Your name must be your bond because once you ruin it there’s no going back. Your reputation is critical and maintaining it requires constant work. But once you have created a reputation for honesty it will inspire trust in your company and its value, and that will attract more customers who will advocate for you, and propel you forward.


How to build customer trust

So, how do you inspire trust in your customers? Here are a few ways to achieve this:

·      Brand your company as the best in the field with the highest standards and that genuinely cares about service and its clients.

·      Build a website that is professional, easy to navigate, thorough and that reloads quickly – in less than 2 seconds –with prominent contact details and calls to action, that is also persuasive and attracts potential customers with lots of relevant information.

·      Prominently display awards that you have received from industry bodies and consumer groups, this shows that your work is recognised both by fellow professionals and clients.

·      Create partnerships with other accountancy firms both in the same field as your company as well as in others. If you are Certified Public Accountants, you could create relationships with management accountants or tax advisers. This is important in building trust among clients who will see that your firm provides industry-wide solutions.

·      Provide outstanding customer service: clients need to know that you will always go the extra mile for them, otherwise why should they come to you when they can go somewhere else.

·      Build trust with clients by giving them proof to persuade them to go with your accounting firm. In other words, show them what your customers say about you via reviews and testimonials. And ensure that that they are easily accessible by posting them on your website and social media profiles.

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