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How to Use SMS Marketing for Your Accountancy Clients

How to Use SMS Marketing for Your Accountancy Clients

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The Holy Grail of marketing revolves around how to get your message to the largest number of customers and potential clients. At the same time, firms are always looking for the most financially efficient way of marketing in order to keep costs down and a high return on investment.

Because businesses are spending about 10% of the money they earn on marketing, it stands to reason that they will search for the most efficient and value for money marketing channels. Despite the many sophisticated plans that exist, it may come as a surprise to learn that SMS marketing is among the most cost-effective of strategies.

 From young children to old age pensioners, it seems that just about everyone has a mobile device. The United Kingdom has one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates in the world, meaning SMS marketing is a strategy that accountancy firms should definitely consider.

We have all used text messaging to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. It’s one of the simplest communication techniques available. You don’t even need a smartphone to send and receive an SMS, meaning anyone with a mobile phone can receive text messages.


The Flexibility of SMS Marketing for Accountants

SMS marketing stands out for its flexibility. You can text your clients when information and other details are needed, or to inform them of changes that are likely to affect them.

As an accountant, you play a critical role in the success of your clients and their businesses. Your advice, for example, on lowering their tax liabilities, or making sure that paperwork is submitted correctly and on time, can be the difference between success and failure. In a very real sense, the accountancy firm’s advice aids your clients in staying in safe waters.

Let us remember that dealing with finances is not exactly top of the bucket list for most people. That's why they have accountants, and they do not want to have to be troubled with endless emails. As all accountants know, dealing with clients’ financial situations is a touchy topic.

That’s precisely why text marketing for accounting firms can provide a much more convenient and pleasant communication channel while reducing stress but still maintaining regular contact.

Income and tax issues are typically sensitive ones for your clients. On the one hand accountants must communicate with clients often during the high stress tax season, while keeping in touch on an ongoing basis for the rest of the year.

Why Does SMS Marketing Work So Well?

Why do text messages work so well? They are opened and read 138% more than email. They also work better than digital marketing, or traditional marketing. Clients are more likely, according to research on the topic, to open a text message before they would open other forms of communication. By way of contrast, it’s estimated that four out of every five emails sent worldwide never get opened.  

Clients are likely to read a text message within minutes of receiving it and then respond to it. A full 95% of SMS messages are read and responded to within three minutes.

In addition, message marketing is instant and takes place at incredible speed. Hit the Send button, and the SMS message is received straight away by your clients.

It’s the perfect way to send time-sensitive texts where a response is needed very quickly. You can create a campaign and receive a large number of responses in just minutes. Another advantage is that since mobile texting uses push notifications, most recipients open the text message immediately and follow up with their replies or queries.

Accountancy firms have the advantage of being able to use mobile marketing in areas with a poor WiFi signal because, in contrast to email which requires a smartphone or computer, a text message only needs a basic cell phone and a cellular network in order to be transmitted and received.

Remember also that from a financial perspective, SMS marketing makes more sense than more expensive strategies such as Google and Facebook Ads, as the cost of sending text messages to customers is very low.

Still, you need to take time preparing and coming up with a unique and engaging text message.


Must Do SMS Marketing Elements

·      First of all, ensure you have recipients' consent

·      Introduce yourself in text messages near the beginning – or else you may be ignored

·      Customise your SMS messages carefully to your audience

·      Refine your messages so that they are short and clear

·      Use calls-to-action (CTAs) so that clients take the steps you want them to do

·      Send texts at critical times in order to ensure a high response rate


It’s crucial to the success of your accounting firm to be able to communicate with customers rapidly. Text messaging gives them the ability to reply to you quickly and conveniently. They can text you a quick reply from wherever they find themselves – on a train, at the airport or doing the shopping – rather than waiting until they arrive home at the end of the day or to the office in the morning and are either too tired or too busy to read your emails.

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