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Is Traditional Auto Repair Dead?

Is Traditional Auto Repair Dead?

Auto Repair


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Most small and medium-sized businesses do not run digital marketing campaigns for their businesses. Many are still relying on old-fashioned methods like word-of-mouth referrals and handing out leaflets. While these can play a part for smaller electrical companies, it is vital that you also learn digital marketing techniques which can bring you much more work and help you grow your company.


Let's take a look at how you can balance your online and offline marketing to expand your electrical business. Let's start with a few online strategies.


Computers On Wheels

With car manufacturers installing computer systems to control steering, windows, mirrors, airbags, and many other functions, the first step now for many car repair shops is to connect a diagnostics system. Garage mechanics are now more like technicians. And cars can almost be described as computers on wheels.

Diagnostics machines will show thousands of codes for the many problems a modern car might have. With every single make and model of vehicles having their own codes, this has made the job of repair shop owners and their workers both difficult and uncertain.


Car makers won't share info

Not only that, but carmakers don't want to share their information with private repair shop owners. The reason is they want customers to go to dealerships to get problems fixed. That way, the manufacturers carry on making money from customers instead of losing them to local garages.  

And many problems can be dealt with online in so-called connected cars which is forecast to be the trend of the future. A message will be sent to the car’s owner to show that a specific issue needs to be dealt at the dealership. Or the car will send a message about a certain issue that it has picked up to the carmaker which will order the part needed and suggest a date for taking the car in for repair. In both cases, the repair shop loses out.


Electric cars don't need as much maintenance

Then there is the question of the new electric vehicles which don't have as many moving parts as petrol driven cars, and don't break down as often. They won't have as many problems as the cars we mostly use now. And mechanics are not qualified to deal with them anyway. That means less work for the traditional car shop.

Garages across the country have long been used to working on the specific problems of petrol and diesel driven cars. They usually build up longstanding relationships with customers who return regularly for standard type repairs and servicing. But as there are no changes of oil, air and fuel filters, spark plugs, timing belts, transmission fluid or emission checks in electric vehicles, there will be less work.  


Lots of work for years to come for repair shops

Despite the changes taking place, there will be lots of work around. The RAC says there are 32 million cars on the roads today. They will provide work for many years to come. Hybrid and electric cars are becoming popular, but the numbers are still quite low, mostly because of the cost. The RAC says that hybrids and electric vehicles together only number about 1 million vehicles.

The government says no new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be sold after 2030, and no more hybrid sales from 2035, but electric and hybrid cars are still fairly expensive meaning regular cars will continue to see big sales in the coming years.


Electric car batteries will have to improve

Britain is not a big country, but even so an electric car’s battery needs recharging every few hundred miles and that is a problem. Britain’s cold weather also means drivers will be running the heating a lot and that will eat up battery power which will further cut the number of miles it can run.

Even electric cars have some regular parts

Electric cars will see their warranties run out after five years at which point their owners will probably want to save money by taking them to traditional auto repair shops for jobs that don't need a high level of electric vehicle education. Also, remember that these cars will still need the type of work that a regular garage can provide, i.e. changing brake pads and discs, tyres and shock absorbers.


Many years of work - and time to learn new skills

The electric vehicle revolution will take quite a long time to really come about. That mean a lot of work on regular cars for many years to come.  Older mechanics will have work to keep them going till retirement, while younger workers will have time to learn new skills.

It also means that today's younger mechanics, and the garage workers of the future, will have the chance to earn much more money in a clean and tidy garage compared with most of today's car repair shops.

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