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Is Your Electrical Business Automated?

Is Your Electrical Business Automated?

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We know what you are probably thinking. How could an electrical business be automated? Surely the key at the heart of any successful electrician business is, well, an actual human electrician. How can this be replaced by an automated system?  

But don’t worry – we don’t expect robots and computers to be replacing you in your real-life job any time soon. However, there are still many ways that the electrical business is evolving thanks to the advances in technology and user interaction in recent years. And for you to stay on top of the game, you need to make sure that your company is using all the best apps and automated features to make both your and your customers’ lives easier – leading your business to new levels of growth and revenue.

We at 12Handz have put together a handy guide to automating your electrical business and streamlining all your processes to save time, money and boost customer engagement.

Appointments and Scheduling

One of the first and most important parts of your business that you should be running through a fully automated system is your schedule and appointment booking process.  

Are you still taking phone calls and writing down appointments in a physical diary? Or are you half using an automated system and half putting it through manually? These might seem like simpler options, but in reality, you’re making things more complicated for yourself.

Take the time to make sure you’re using the most up-to-date booking and scheduling system, streamlining your workload and freeing up your time to do more of what’s important – hands-on electrical work.  

The 12Handz free marketing plan walks you through an easy-to-use scheduling and booking system, and helps you set it up yourself.  

Contacts and Customer Communications

Another way to free up more time to concentrate on quality jobs is to streamline your contacts and communications processes by using an automated system. When you sign up to the 12Handz online platform, you can import all of your contacts automatically, and use this to send out email newsletters, automatic appointment reminders, follow up emails and much else.  

Not only will this save time, but it also means you never have to worry about missing an opportunity to communicate with your customers – as it’s all done automatically and on schedule.

Business and Quality Overview

Regular quality assessments and business overviews are, of course, an incredibly important part of running a successful business. You need to take regular stock of your finances, customer retention, marketing success and, most importantly, the quality of jobs done.  

There are many apps and systems to help you do this, such as Oneserve, a cloud-based mobile workforce software. Not only can you streamline your job management and organisation, but you can regularly analyse your company performance and monitor job feedback and reviews.  

With 12Handz you can not only request and manage reviews, but you can even reply to them directly through the platform and repost positive feedback onto your website and social media pages.

Maintenance and Purchasing

Another important part for any electrical business is to keep on top of regular necessary maintenance and stock-taking. Apps such as Oneserve allow you to not only keep on top of your supplies, but also to order new parts directly through the system.  

This way, you’ll never find yourself caught out with an unexpected job that you realise you don’t have the parts for. This will make your life easier and save you a lot of headaches, as well as ensuring you don’t miss out on last-minute important and well-paid jobs.



Any self-employed electrician or small business owner has to deal with a lot of financial responsibility – running your accounts and making sure you send out and receive the right invoices for all of your jobs, accurately and on time.

You can free up a huge amount of time from your schedule if you employ an automated signature system – imagine being able to send your customers forms and invoices, and they can just sign and send back to you with one click. Sounds like a far-off dream – but it’s not! With 12Handz, we can streamline your entire invoicing process and allow you to sign everything off without even leaving the platform.


Of course, one of the biggest and potentially time-consuming jobs can be working out how to market your business and get the word out to more potential customers. Where do you even start? Many electricians think about taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages or sticking up flyers in their local area. The truth is that these sorts of efforts take up a lot of time and have a very small reach, making it not time- or cost-effective for your business.

Bringing your electrical business into the world of digital marketing sounds like a tall order, but once you’ve got your SMB set up with a website, social media profiles and listings on all the major online directories, you will be amazed at how quickly you see new customers flocking in from far and wide to request your services.

We know it can sound a bit overwhelming, but with 12Handz to guide you through, it couldn’t be easier.  

From websites and social media posting to e-magazines and newsletters, we offer a guided marketing plan tailored specifically to your business, with expert help on hand every step of the way. And what’s more – it’s completely free. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not! Check us out to see how we can help you bring your electrical business into new levels of growth.  

Marketing built
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Marketing built
For your business

(not anybody else’s)

Get Your
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