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Leading accounting software programes that you need to know about

Leading accounting software programes that you need to know about



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In a world of constantly changing laws, regulations and standards, and where work demands continuously increase, selecting accountancy business project management software is a critical move. In this article, we feature a dozen leading software programmes created specifically for the requirements of the accounting business, but first let’s take a look at the issues at hand.

Accounting software - your must have

Accounting tasks are undeniably complex, with processes that are highly involved and often intertwined - even more so for accounting firms that offer a wide range of services. Clearly, larger firms will need powerful software that can produce comprehensive reports combining information from different departments, while smaller companies may find that off-the-shelf programmes fit their needs.

Remember that there are also many free accounting and book-keeping programmes, as well as time management software, that can assist smaller firms in dealing with freelancers and consultants who charge per hour/day. Such software will help small and medium size accounting firms to reduce costs while they decide on permanent software solutions.

Benefits of software for accountants

Choosing accountancy project management software is therefore imperative to ensure nothing goes amiss, while also raising levels of productivity. Because accountancy companies have no room for error, programmes developed for the industry significantly reduce both risks and the scope for human mistakes.

Among the benefits of accounting business software are:

·      Helping to ensure teams work together harmoniously and transparently

·      Monitoring employee activity closely and pinpointing possible problem areas

·      Ensuring clients are kept up to date on progress

·      Automatically producing monthly financial statements

Which accounting software choose?

Let’s now take a look, in no particular order, at some leading accounting software products created to enable accountants to run their businesses as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

FreshBooks is a well-known programme for the accounting trade. A cloud-based accounting system, it was created with small business owners in mind. It has many features and an eDlasy-to-understand interface. The features it offers include time and expense tracking, invoicing, business reports, and the possibility to take credit card payments.

Another popular accounting and bookkeeping programme is QuickBooks which is available in several versions: from desktops to online. QuickBooks was created by large software firm Intuit which aided it turning into among the leaders in accountancy software. It is particularly popular with small and medium-sized firms.

Having significantly built up its cloud-accounting services, Xero is another firm that has created an easy-to-use programme which can be fine-tuned to the requirements of owners of small companies, accountants and bookkeepers. Above all, the straightforward design of its dashboard enables many users to simultaneously employ its functions. The programme also includes tracking of expenses and projects.

One of the best-known accounting software packages is called SageAccounting. Its modules include management of invoices, handling and submitting VAT quotes online, cash flow forecasting, smart bank feeds and reconciliation, some detailed reports, support for a range of currencies, tracking projects and others from a desktop or mobile app. This British company has been in business for around 40 years and adapts its programme to the requirements of a wide range of customers.

Kashoo is widely seen as an accommodating accounting software system intended for small and medium-sized firms. Cloud-based, it also provides solutions form companies with clients worldwide via multi-currency support.

ZohoBooks is also cloud-based and provides a range of solutions. The interface is straightforward and simple to use, and Zoho Books is seen as a cost-effective option for freelancers or individuals running small firms, though it can also appeal to small and medium-sized businesses.

Next up is Wave which is a offers highly popular online accounting services. Its appeal lies in the fact that it is free for basic accounting and invoicing tools and receipts.  

Another cloud-based software solution is KashFlow which also keeps things simple and is aimed at the small business owner. Use it from wherever you are whenever you want with just an Internet connection required. The package a diverse range of tools to deal with your accounting tasks via a scalable range of packages.

As with many of the other programmes, ZipBooks also offers widespread features in its accounting software, and has a starter package level that is free. As opposed to some other offerings, it allows users unlimited invoices for an unlimited number of customers. Use of its bookkeeping function is unlimited, and the accounting programme can accept payments from credit cards and PayPal.

Next in line is AvidXchange, which provides a wide-ranging invoice management and payment automation system and is a good fit for accounting firms in a range of sizes. Among its features are automated purchase ordering, paperless invoicing and payment processing. All of these enable accountancy firms to make their operations more efficient.

Plooto aims to be an innovative payment processing package for automating the Accounting Payable and Account Receivable processes. Its features allow accountants and bookkeepers to speed up approvals for payment and the manner in which they are paid, with a variety of functions.

Bill.com is plugged as a good option for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a complete solution for the automation of company payments. Its features also offer solutions for big financial bodies including banks, accounting firms and wealth management corporations.

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