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Marketing for Plumbers and Electricians

Marketing for Plumbers and Electricians

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How to Do Marketing for Your Electrical or Plumbing Business When You’re Already Fully Booked

Going by the findings of consumer surveys, 2020 wasn’t such a bad year for trades people. Despite the lockdown, electrical and plumbing businesses were booked solid due to their status as essential workers and the safety emergency caused by flashfloods. While an increase in demand is great, it shouldn’t make anyone complacent with marketing.

Everyone knows that demand can fluctuate so it’s important to keep leads flowing for the future too. Here are some tips on how to approach marketing for your electrical or plumbing business during busy times.

Make sure your website wins bookings and revenue

Brands and businesses are already noticing that digital behaviours adopted during the pandemic could become permanent. Consumers have become accustomed to everything being easily accessible online so now is a great time to invest in a more sophisticated business website.

For example, with bookings moving online you may want to optimise your online business experience to mobile phones and tablets rather than solely for desktops.

Just as consumers expect a seamless online booking experience, so should you.

Make sure you can accept bookings and payments on desktop and mobile, manage the bookings and resources easily and receive SMS and email notifications for any activity on your website.

Improve your online reputation
Checking online reputation for electricians and plumbers

SMBs usually begin their digital marketing journey by creating a Google My Business [1] listing, followed by setting up their social media pages and website. If your electrical or plumbing business doesn’t have an online presence yet, you can get off to a great start with content-rich listings that allow you to show up in Google searches and provide accurate, attractive information on your business.

When your industry is in high demand, you will obviously want to gain an upper hand on your competitors. Reviews of your business on Facebook and local listings – the most trusted sources of reviews and huge traffic drivers – can drive potential customers to your website.

Don’t neglect to manage reviews from time-to-time to create the right perceptions about your business. You can also embed your Facebook feed into your website to showcase social proof. It’s yet another way for you to make a first good impression to new site visitors and book more plumbing or electricity jobs in the future, even if you happen to be overbooked currently.

Electrical contractor marketing is incomplete without Facebook

As a small business you will already be aware that Facebook is great for local marketing but as an evolving business you will be looking for help in putting together and implementing a marketing plan.

The team and tools available at 12Handz are here to help you do that. Social networks are excellent lead and sales generating engines but what we can specifically offer you can really make a difference to your bottom line.

If you are looking to grow your customer base you probably want to know how social networks can increase bookings. Well, Facebook ads for electrical services and vouchers on your FB page are effective. Everybody loves a good discount and the cost savings matter even more for the many financially constrained households across the U.K. dealing with job losses, furloughs and business challenges.

If, for an example, you are a plumber in Leeds, your Facebook marketing plan should include direct bookings on your FB page. Scheduling availability helps streamline the order booking workflow. Automated appointment reminders do their bit to increase customer trust in the business.

And you don’t need to brave it alone. Scheduling your posts and managing your social media feeds is easy with our unified dashboard. Using it you can rest assured that Facebook will work 24x7 to promote your offers and showcase your experience, helping attract more new customers and retaining the loyalty of existing ones.


Increase plumbing sales with email marketing

Every pounds pent on email marketing returns approximately £35.41. As a tradesperson looking to meet your customers at various touchpoints and build a solid sales funnel, you may have considered email marketing as a possible strategy to pursue.

Email marketing for plumbers toincrease sales 

Email marketing automation can get your plumbing company’s email messages out at the right times. Emails with vouchers, promotions such as 10% off on online bookings, and social proof move leads faster along the funnel, and stimulate more business online and offline.

Existing clients are already aware of what they can expect from you. So, overzealous email marketing is unnecessary. Emails at the beginning and end of a sales event will suffice.

An email appointment reminder showcases professionalism and reliability. A thank you email after each job, and follow-up emails requesting a positive review on your website or a comment on your social media pages, is what you should do. This will help you collect social proof and contribute to ongoing engagement efforts.

The best marketing for plumbing contractors is accelerating towards digital solutions

While it’s impossible to predict with certainty that lockdown habits will last, the copious amounts of research on new digital behaviours certainly point in that direction.

According to Kantar, the pandemic led to a new baseline for online shopping. The latest Mastercard Recovery Insights Report found that economies that were digitally-forward before the pandemic, such as the UK and US, made bigger gains in the domestic shift to digital that look more permanent.

What you should be asking yourself as a tradesperson and business owner is whether you are sufficiently prepared for the new digital consumer.


Next steps

Even if your business is going well at the moment, don’t be complacent. You still have to act now and to start or improve your digital marketing efforts. It’s possible that your competitors are actively exploring or already implementing websites, social media, email marketing, listing management and other solutions that build a strong, results-driven omni-channel presence – and so should you.

There’s also the fact that lead generation for skilled trades isn’t so easy, taking continuous marketing and engagement.

Our full-funnel marketing approach will help you prepare for the new digital consumer.

Our integrated marketing platform with an easy-to-use dashboard is another important advantage for your business. Seize the opportunity as businesses make a determined return after the unprecedented pandemic, and set your electrical or plumbing business up for greater success.

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