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Marketing Solutions for 2022: Four-Week Marketing Plan

Marketing Solutions for 2022: Four-Week Marketing Plan



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Marketing Solutions for 2022

In this six-part blog series, we’re looking at the best ways to optimise your marketing strategy depending on the time frame you’re working within. No matter how much time (or lack of) you must pull together a marketing plan, there are always opportunities to make sure you are bringing your A-game when it comes to customer engagement and your public profile.  

Yesterday we looked at how to boost your marketing in a two-week period, particularly concentrating on online presence and how to bring in more hits to your website and social media pages. Today we will focus on a four-week time frame, and how to bring your marketing up to speed in just under a month.  

Four-Week Marketing Plan

Now that you’ve done the groundwork for setting up your business’s social media and online presence, it’s time to learn how to utilise it effectively and make sure it’s working for you. You’re aiming to engage with your customers – and translate this into real-world interactions.

Around this time, you should start thinking about what you’re able and willing to work into your budget for marketing spend. According to venture capital experts BDC, this should be around 5-10% of your revenue. Once you’ve worked out how much you’ve got in the budget, you can start making a concrete plan for paid marketing opportunities.

On the Grid
Now that you’ve set your business up online, it’s time to make sure you are listed on all the major web directories. Of course, Google is the main player when it comes to this, but make sure you list your business on places like Yell UK, Yelp UK and Scoot UK, too. And don’t forget alternative search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Refine Your Keywords
The next step is to make sure your online content is maximised for SEO keywords. Take a look at both your short and longform content and make sure all the most important searchable keywords are present. Do your research and work out what sort of content people are searching for online when looking for services like yours.  

Video Opps
By this point, your website and social media pages are looking pretty sharp. This is great! But it’s not a one-time thing – you need to deliver continuous new content to keep people coming back online. Why not think about releasing some short videos? You could pull them together as part of a mini-series.  

Upgrade Your Website  
As well as keeping your social presence updated with new posts and fresh content, make sure your website is constantly looking its best. As you add more and more content, make sure everything is consistent with what’s already up there. Also, keep in mind the overall look and feel of the site and constantly consider when it might need a total rebrand.  

Real-World Reach
Brilliant! Your business is finally fully online and potential customers can find you through search engines or social media. So now it’s time to take that exposure into the real world. You can do this with in-store initiatives such as weekly workshops or getting involved in your local community events.  

Stay Loyal
You’ve built your online presence, perfected it and taken it out into the real world. Great! But now that you’re starting to target new customers and increase your reach, don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your current, regular clients. This is when you should be thinking about offering loyalty incentives and returning customer benefits, as well as any new sign-up offers you are already running.  

Focus Inwards
Another thing to be mindful of during this time is investing in your staff/employees. An online presence and local community is great, but not if your team are lacking the necessary skills and training to meet the increased demand. Think about offering staff training courses and other ways to strengthen your team cohesion and productivity.  

At a Glance – Your Four-Week Marketing Plan

Week 1 List your business on all the major web directories Register on alternative search engines
Week 2 Review your online content and maximise SEO keywords Research the most popularand frequently-used search terms for your trade
Week 3 Plan longer-term web content Release a series of shortvideos highlighting your services Appraise your website design and make any changesfor consistency
Week 4 Plan some real-life events such as workshops orcommunity engagements Balance offering incentives to new customers with rewarding customer loyalty Train and develop your team to meet increased business demand as it grows

Now that you’ve had a longer time to hone your marketing plan, you can use this as an opportunity to analyse how it’s working and what you can do to improve. 12Handz’ expert analyser tool (please add link when it is up on the website) is the perfect way to understand your online impact and how to strengthen it. If you regularly take stock and understand the key takeaways from your 1-month plan, this can inform you brilliantly when it comes to brainstorming your longer campaigns.  

As we delve into longer strategies, we know it’s all starting to look a bit more complicated. But don’t panic – remember that 12Handz is here with you every step of the way. Let us help you get on the right track with a free marketing plan, as well as the option to outsource certain steps to our on-hand marketing experts. Check us out to see how we can help you stay ahead of the curve!

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Marketing built
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