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Marketing Solutions for 2022: Six-Month Marketing Strategy

Marketing Solutions for 2022: Six-Month Marketing Strategy



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Marketing Solutions for 2022   

Happy New Year from 12Handz! To celebrate, we’re releasing a six-part blog series detailing marketing plans to suit any SMB timeframe, from the super-speedy to the longer-term. We’ve already covered 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 weeks and 3 months – and today we’ll be showing you how to boost your business’s marketing efforts over a 6-month period.

A longer strategy means you can invest more in terms of both time and energy, but it’s also the point to consider your spending commitments and budget. It might seem counterintuitive to increase your spend at this point, but let’s take a look at why it’s actually worth the investment and, executed well, could lead to more long-term growth and boost revenue.  

Six-Month Marketing Strategy

Shaping a marketing strategy across a six-month period means that you have the opportunity to build in both quick wins and also longer-term goals. Ideally, you should be incorporating both of these elements into your strategy for an optimal outcome – thinking both in immediate terms and also planning further ahead.

Around this time, it’s increasingly crucial that you have a super-tight understanding of three things: your customer, your budget and your goals. Let’s take a look at how to pin these down and build for serious business growth over a six-month timeframe.  

Level Up Online

With six months to plan your marketing strategy, it’s time to look at longer-term PPC and ad campaign initiatives and optimisation. Now is the perfect time to be releasing more advanced and longer-form content releases, such as magazines or even a limited-edition eBook.

Also start thinking about the difference between organic and paid campaigns and the time frames for each. With six months to plan, you can afford the time for the longer growth period of organic promotion and build the foundation for it.

Strengthen Your Relationships

By this point, you’ve already established strong online relationships, especially with key social media influencers. Take this to the next level by introducing a guest blogger or interview series to your social media. And you can take this to real-life settings too – start attending tradeshows and conferences both on and offline.

Don’t forget to keep your customers as looped in as possible to all your activity – offer regular updates and even live-streaming sessions. Maximise your CRM by encouraging customers to sign up to a mailing list, and schedule regular automated email updates.

Think Long Term

This is also the time to pin down your SEO and social media content calendars. Looking ahead gives you the opportunity to ensure consistency and valuable content. Issue a content catalogue with visual aids, as well as launching email and newsletter campaigns.  

Be The Best

You’ve established your online presence, built strong relationships and worked out how to effectively share your brand and messaging with the world, now take this to the next level –by ensuring that your business is the go-to source for the industry. This is the time to build real authority for your brand and position yourself as a thought leader within your trade.  

Take Stock Regularly

The key to becoming the undeniable authority in your field, being regarded as a cut above the rest in the eyes of your customers, is down to one thing – understanding your market.  

We’ve talked about the importance of customer feedback and adapting your business to act on it – but this is just the beginning. Continue to run surveys and questionnaires, as well as building buyer personas for your typical clients. Educate yourself on analytics so you can track your KPIs and understand how customers are engaging (or not) with your online content.  

Change is Good

So you’ve taken regular stock and gained valuable insight into your customer framework and what makes them tick. But just what are you going to do about it? You’ve got to be prepared to review your business constantly and make real change in areas where it may be falling down. Establish SMART goals and don’t hesitate to make large-scale adjustments when you learn what is and isn’t working. You may need to expand your team to widen the scope of operations – or downsize to concentrate efforts in a smaller area.  

Writing a marketing plan

A key part of planning a longer-term marketing strategy is the understanding that it can take time to see the true results of your efforts. Some campaigns will have an almost immediate return, whereas others will be more of a slow-burning investment. Effective CRM and automated email campaigns depend heavily on the data you have already collected on your customer base.  

It’s super important to understand the different needs and expectations of the varied campaigns you’ll now be running – you’ll need to keep on top of each of them and how they are delivering your goals. 12Handz’ guided marketing tool helps you ensure that all your communications stay relevant and targeted.

We know this might all seem a bit overwhelming, but 12Handz is here to help! No marketing effort is too big or small for us – no matter the size of your company or how complicated its needs, we can provide you with a free marketing plan and personal experts on hand to help you execute it, every step of the way.  

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Marketing built
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