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Marketing Solutions for 2022: Six-Week Marketing Plan

Marketing Solutions for 2022: Six-Week Marketing Plan



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Marketing Solutions for 2022

Happy New Year from 12Handz! To kick off 2022 with a bang, we’re running a six-part blog series on the perfect marketing strategy depending on your business’s specific time constraints. We have the perfect step-by-step guide for you whether you have to pull together a marketing plan from scratch at a super-quick pace, or you have more time to plan and develop your strategy.  

We’ve already looked at 2-week and 1-month plans, and today we’ll be focusing on the best way to boost your marketing and online presence in a 6-week period. With a little longer to focus on strategy, let’s delve into the best way to use your time effectively and deliver a top-notch marketing boost.

Six-Week Marketing Plan

As we have already learned, understanding clients’ needs and expectations is key to driving a successful marketing campaign. It’s incredibly important to communicate regularly with your customers and ask for feedback. Encourage them to post online reviews, for example, and you can also run surveys and questionnaires to get their thoughts.  

This is also the time to start understanding your marketing risk levels and how to split your spend accordingly. Business development experts BDC recommend spending 70% of your budget on tried-and-tested marketing with proven success, 20% on slightly more experimental strategies with medium risk levels and 10% on totally new and untested ideas.

Find Your Voice

Now that you’ve gained a thorough understanding of your customer base and their specific needs, you can use this to inform your messaging and the right tone of voice to use. Marketing that speaks directly to the needs of your clients will instantly build trust and confidence that they are in good hands with your services.

Brand Overview

This is also the time to take a broader look at all your digital assets, as well as those in print. It’s not enough to just ensure that you have your fingers in all the right pies – you now need to make sure that your branding is aligned across all these channels, and that you’ve built a strong and consistent outward-facing personality.  

Next-Level Content

As you continue to build your online presence and keep updating your social media content, you might be feeling like you’ll eventually run out of things to post. But you won’t! There are so many different types of content you can provide your customers and keep them engaging with your pages – start trying out new outputs such as blogs, videos or a webinar series.

The Age of Influence

Don’t we all dream of making a fortune by simply living our best life on Instagram? Sometimes, but in reality, social media influencers work pretty hard and know exactly what they are doing to maximise growth on their channels. So reach out to these influencers – find and build connections with high-profile accounts who can help bring your brand and products to a wider audience.  

Spend Wisely

We’ve already talked about how best to divvy up your marketing spend to balance tried-and-tested safe options and dabbling with high-risk, potentially high-return, experimental marketing. Now is the time to establish clear goals and targets for all of your paid campaigns and start runnig PPC tests to improve your ad performance.  

Channel Surf

We now know the importance of honing your SEO content – but it’s not just about including the most searchable keywords in each of your pieces. It’s also vital to understand the differences between each of your distribution channels – whether it’s blogs, paid text ads or LinkedIn, customers will be performing different searches on each platform. Take the time to familiarise yourself with each channel and their tone of voice.  

At a Glance – Your Six-Week Marketing Plan

Week 1 Pin down your business branding and the tone of voice to use in your marketing Use your customer research to cater your messaging exactly to their needs
Week 2 Assess all your online content for consistency Make sure you are sending the same message across different platforms
Week 3 Diversify the type of content you are sharing regularly Experiment with blogs, vlogs and webinars
Week 4 Connect with social media influencers related to your field of work Build relationships to increase your brand reach and sense of trustworthiness
Week 5 Review your budget and spending risks Establish goals for your paid campaigns Run PPC testing to maximise ad success
Week 6 Educate yourself on the tone of voice and messaging across different online platforms Hone your SEO and brand messaging accordingly to cater to each channel, while maintaining an overall consistency across your business

As we delve into longer and more complicated marketing strategies, it’s important to remember to stay focused. Whatever stage you are at in your campaign, make sure it’s customer-centric and geared towards building and nurturing client relationships.  

Longer campaigns also mean more opportunity for growth and learning as you go on – don’t forget to keep asking your clients for feedback, and collating data where you can for email and text campaigns. The 12Handz guided marketing tool streamlines the entire process of scheduling and posting social media content and managing reviews. This makes it super easy to assess constantly how your content is performing – and what needs to be changed, updated or brought more in line with your image and brand messaging.

We know how you are feeling right now – excited, capable but probably a little overwhelmed! And that’s why 12Handz is here to support you every step of the way – whether you need guidance on your own strategy or if you need our expert marketers to deliver it for you. Check out how we can provide your free marketing plan, with paid outsourcing options for any (and all) of the steps along the way.

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