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Marketing Solutions for 2022: Three-Month Marketing Strategy

Marketing Solutions for 2022: Three-Month Marketing Strategy



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Marketing Solutions for 2022

The new year is the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at your business and boost growth with a brand-new and top-notch marketing strategy. Here at 12Handz, we’re celebrating with a six-part blog post detailing how you can maximise your marketing efforts no matter how much time (or lack of) you have on your hands.

Whatever timeframe you’re looking at, we’ve got the perfect strategy for you to boost your business in the new year and bring in new customers and maximise growth. Today, we’ll be looking at how to plan your way to marketing success in a 3-month period.  

Three-Month Marketing Strategy

As we are spending longer periods focusing on marketing strategy, it’s time to really assess what your business goals are in terms of your next campaign. A 3-month plan allows for longer-term content planning and gaining a real understanding of how you are presenting your business. You must also ensure that your content is not only engaging and accurate, but truly relevant to your specific business and customer needs.

You have the opportunity to really pin down your online presence in terms of both branding and functionality. That means taking the time to learn and grow from your feedback and research and focus on upgrading your various assets.

Website Refinement

By this point, your website should be up and running and already engaging with customers and providing service. This is great, but shouldn’t be your end goal – rather, it’s a starting point to keep growing and maximising all of your online features. Continue refining your SEO keywords, and make sure your website contains features such as a team page, support centre and relevant FAQs.  

Campaign Investment

Another thing that you should be engaging with constantly is the opportunity for paid promotions. Trying out new PPC campaigns, giveaways and competitions on social media and search engines not only increases your reach, but enables you to constantly learn, adjust and optimise over time.

A/B Testing

A fantastic way for you to gain further understanding of how well your website is running in real time is to engage in A/B testing. This is a great opportunity to understand which functions of your website are more effective and how to make sure all aspects are working for you to drive more customer engagement and revenue.

Build Your Relationships

We have already learnt about the importance of reaching out to social media influencers to increase your online presence. At this point, you should be building branding relationships with both micro influencers (those with 10k—30k followers) and nano-influencers (those with 1k—10k followers). Reinforce this by engaging with social media groups and communities – growth and engagement with users online will build your social proof, and therefore trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

Customer Focus

Now that you’ve had time to really get to know your customers with detailed research and continued feedback, you can hone your campaigns to speak to your target audience more specifically. Knowing your customers’ average age, gender, location and interests can help you focus on segmented, targeted campaigns to engage with them directly on their own level.  

Schedule for Success

Don’t underestimate the importance of planning ahead. Now that you’ve had the opportunity to review previous campaigns and the success (or lack of) your online content, you can build a full content catalogue for the future based on this insight. From the most popular hashtags to the optimal time of day to post, you can learn exactly how to hit the gold standard of communication with both your existing customer base as well as potential new clients.  

At a Glance – Your Three-Month Marketing Strategy

Month 1
Weeks 1-2 Assess your website and online presence for consistency and functionality
Develop and maximise online features
Research and refine SEO keywords
Build a team page, support centre and FAQ section
Weeks 3-4 Research and reach out for paid promotions
Invest in PPC campaigns and giveaways
Run competitions on social media and search engines
Continue collecting data from these initiatives to inform future strategy

Month 2
Weeks 1-2 Run A/B testing
Use results to understand which of your features are running effectively
Make changes and updates where necessary to maximise success
Weeks 3-4 Strengthen your relationships with both nano- and micro-influencers
Join social media groups and online communities
Engage directly with your customers and build online rapport

Month 3
Weeks 1-2 Review data collected from customers throughout your campaigns
Use this knowledge to create content targeted at specific age ranges, genders, locations and interests
Engage and connect with customers at their own level
Weeks 3-4 Build a long-term content calendar
Schedule posts according to insight gained from previous campaigns
Use your knowledge to focus on the specific content/hashtags/timings that work best for your brand messaging and customer reach

We can see that the 3-month mark is a pivotal moment for SMBs in building their customer reach and retention and therefore increasing revenue. Unfortunately, the success rate for businesses achieving this financial growth can be as low as 20%. This is mostly down to inadequate groundwork, or a lack of capability to execute a research-driven strategy. In other words, do your research, and make sure your plan is realistic. Set out a clear timeline of not just what content to release and when, but HOW you are actually able to execute it.  

After three months, it’s also time to review your entire approach and whether it’s working for you. Are you hitting the targets you set out in your original plan? If not, why not? Do you need a drastic change of direction? Don’t be afraid to pivot if you realise your current strategy isn’t reaching your goals in the way you had hoped. The 12Handz marketing plan features a content creation tool, tailored specifically to your business’s needs, to help you pinpoint the ideal marketing direction for your brand.

As we look ahead to the 6-month plan, we’ll learn how to carry these key development points into a longer-term campaign. We know things are getting more and more complicated, but don’t forget that 12Handz is with you every step of the way! Check us out for how we can provide you with a free marketing plan and in-house execution options for each stage of your strategy.

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