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Marketing Solutions for 2022: Twelve-Month Plan

Marketing Solutions for 2022: Twelve-Month Plan



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Marketing Solutions for 2022

The new year is always a time of change and new beginnings, and with it comes the opportunity to take stock and renew your business efforts in a meaningful way. How are you going to bring your SMB to new levels of growth in 2022? We at 12Handz have put together a step-by-step plan to guide you through a turbo-charged marketing boost in the year ahead.

In this six-part blog series, we’ve looked at marketing plans across various different time frames – two-week, one-month, six-week, three-month and six-month strategies. Now it’s time to look at everything we’ve learned and put it together into a broad twelve-month plan that will see you totally transform your marketing efforts for 2022.

Twelve-Month Plan

During this blog series, we’ve seen that you can build a truly effective marketing plan no matter how much (or little) time you have to work with. From a super narrow window to a longer stretch of planning, there’s always the opportunity to increase your reach and boost your business success. But a full year to hone and develop your marketing plan really gives you the scope to bring your SMB to maximum levels of growth. Let’s look at 12 steps in 12 months to give your business the ultimate marketing boost.

1: Establish Goals

The first thing to do before launching your marketing strategy is to set clear, achievable targets. Understand the big picture for your business – what are your goals, how will you plan to execute them and how will you measure if they have been reached? Lay out your aims as clearly as possible, but also be prepared for these to change and adapt as you go along. You know what they say – man plans and God laughs.  

2: Do Your Research

The next key step is analysis and research. Understand your market, your competitors and what makes you unique. Build strong customer profiles and listen to their feedback. Let your concrete data findings inform your decision making.  

3: Launch Online

Any SMB worth its salt needs an online presence, meaning a dedicated website, social media pages and search engine listings. Build your online profile with regular posts, maximising your SEO and honing your business voice and branding.  

4: Branch Out

Once you’ve launched online, understand the different channels available to you and how to maximise them accordingly. Be flexible and educate yourself on the differences between online platforms – the expected customer volume for each and their projected conversion rate. Spread your spend accordingly and adapt your tone of voice to tailor to each specifically.

5: Set Your Schedule

A year-long marketing strategy requires targeted planning. You need to build a strong infrastructure and long-term content schedule – what to post, when to post it and how to keep it engaging. Schedule more advanced, long-form content, such as newsletters and videos, keeping everything consistent and relevant to the time of release.


6: Build Your Budget

Any good marketing plan needs a solid understanding of its budget capabilities – and limitations. Understand the difference between paid and organic campaigns, and make sure a marketing infrastructure is set up for both. Plan how to distribute your spend across the different platforms and channels you will be using, as well as any additional costs.  

7: Engage With Others

A huge part of raising your online profile is connecting with the people around you. Whether this is working together with social media influencers to bring your brand a broader reach, or encouraging customers to leave feedback or reviews, engaging with others is key to strengthening your brand’s sense of trustworthiness. As well as online, you can build these connections in real life, with seminars and community events.  

8: Know Your Worth

It’s great to build an online presence and connect with consumers, but how are you going to ensure your business stands out from others? Take the time to build your brand’s stability and trustworthiness, so that you can establish yourself as a thought leader and true authority within your industry. You want to ensure that YOUR business is the go-to source for your trade and location.  

9: Offer Incentives

As well as building connections and working relationships, you need to make sure your business is appealing enough to both entice new customers and retain existing ones. Offer incentives and special offers for clients, such as a sign-up bonus or promotions and discount vouchers.  

10: Build Your Team

Building your external profile means nothing if your company doesn’t have the goods internally to back it up. Take the time and effort to build a strong team – hone your recruitment process and train your employees thoroughly. Consider outsourcing certain projects or tasks to external partners. As your business grows, be ready to adapt the structure of your team and invest accordingly.  

11: Learn and Grow

The key component of a long-term strategy is the opportunity to stay dynamic. As your marketing plan progresses, you should be reviewing your campaign constantly. How is your website performing? How are customers engaging with your social media pages? Run A/B testing for your sites and learn from campaigns and feedback as you go. Establish clear, data-centric KPIs and optimise your approach as you go along.  

12: Embrace Change

When you are constantly learning and adapting, sometimes this requires a total or unexpected change of strategy direction. Don’t be afraid to pivot – change is good! The world of marketing is dynamic and flexible, and your business needs to reflect this. Even if something hasn’t worked and it’s time to change direction completely, don’t think of it as failure – think of it as growth.

Running a twelve-month marketing strategy means not only do you have time to develop a multifaceted campaign with varied channels and customer outreach, but you also gain opportunities to learn, grow and continue developing your business along the way. An elongated campaign with continuous review means long-term conclusions and an even stronger vision for the future.

The 12Handz guided marketing tool provides you with a week-by-week plan tailored specifically to your business – and each step you follow helps us to learn even more about you. This means that the more time you spend on the platform, the more detailed and targeted guidelines you will receive for your marketing strategy.

What will 2022 bring for you? We can’t wait to see what the new year has on the horizon for your SMB – and we will be here to help you every step of the way. Let 12Handz help maximise your business’s potential with a free marketing plan and expert help for each stage of operations.

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