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Marketing Your Business in the Age of Video

Marketing Your Business in the Age of Video



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Marketing Your Business in the Age of Video Lights, Cameras, Action! Marketing Your Business in the Age of Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but since online video is ever-growing, for small businesses that want to get out there, it’s video that’s the real prize. Whether you offer DIY tips, a customer review, behind-the-scenes bloopers or even a livestream where people can watch and engage with you in real time, all you need is a half-decent mobile phone to create content that draws in current and prospective clients.

Because there’s no denying that video can connect, inform, and promote what you do better than just about any other format.


For a small business, trust and personal connection can be key to why a customer chooses you over the competition. You want to nurture your relationships, both in real life and through the virtual tool of video.

Think about how engrossing it is when you see a film at the cinema. Once the credits roll, you feel like you were in that world and in the lives of those characters. Video can be emotional, funny, exciting, personal and real.

It lets the viewer experience what is happening on screen as if in real life, c

onnect to the people on screen and to what plays out – in this case, you and your work.


People who find you online are looking for proof of your expertise. You want to take any available opportunity to showcase that expertise effectively. If you are a plumber, you could write out a how-to guide for dealing with a clogged kitchen sink.

However, content like this can be tough to convey in words, as well as a pretty dry and boring read. Video, on the other hand, gives you all kinds of entertaining tools to bring the challenge to life. You can use props and close-ups or draw diagrams.

You can include a humorous narration as you go along, let your viewer watch the unclogging actually happen and offer chatty suggestions on how to avoid clogs in the first place.

There are even simple editing apps you could try. Clients would be far more likely to stick around and learn from you in this engaging experience, and then when they need an expert’s help, it’s your name that will spring to mind.


At the end of the day, any material you create to market your business should be something that can be distributed far and wide. You want something that will put you on people’s radar, get you in front of consumers you don’t otherwise have access to and ultimately sell your business.

While a paper flyer through the letterbox may well end up in the bin, a dynamic promotion can be passed along quickly and easily, multiplying its reach. Video can be shared through all kinds of online channels. If your video link is sent through an email campaign, it can be forwarded on to others. If your video is posted on social media, it can create engagement.

It can get Likes and Shares, prompt people to follow your account and increase traffic to your web site. You may find it useful to use a simple marketing platform to help organise and schedule your video campaigns and posts.


At the end of the day, marketing that conveys excitement and energy is more likely to be effective. That’s why video has such great potential for success. So get creative and give people an insight into the personal energy, hard work and expertise that lies behind your business.


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