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Step Your Customer Loyalty Up a Gear

Step Your Customer Loyalty Up a Gear

Customer Loyalty


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Step Your Customer Loyalty Up a Gear

Maximising Client Retention in the World of Auto Repair

It is a difficult balance to strike when you are trying to grow your auto repair business. On the one hand, you want to expand your reach and bring in more new customers, but on the other, you want to show your regular customers that they are valued and ensure they all keep coming back. So how can you make sure that you treat all your customers fairly, while also giving your regulars some sort of loyalty reward or an incentive to bring you regular business? We’ve put together some top tips below.

Know Your Audience

The most important thing for retaining customers is to understand how they tick and what kind of person they really are. Make sure you take a note of who are your most frequent customers – age, location, interests and things like that. Once you truly understand the people who make up your regular customer base, you can ensure that you are speaking their language.  

Know Yourself

And it’s not just your customers and general audience you need a real understanding of. You should also take some time to think about your own business and what sort of image you want to portray to the world. Do you pride yourself on your honesty? Are you much more efficient than your competitors? Understand what makes your personal brand stand out from the crowd and how to portray this to the public in an authentic and confident way.  

Value Their Feedback

Show your customers you value their opinion by asking for reviews and comments. And don’t just ask for it – act on it! Responding to feedback makes your customers feel like you are listening to them, while also helping strengthen your image to any new and potential clients. Plus, you can post reviews and responses on your website and social media pages.  

Be Honest

Mechanics tend to get a bit of a bad rap for not being transparent in what their services are and how much they cost. Put yourself ahead of your competitors by being as upfront as possible with your customers. Build a name for yourself as a source of integrity and honesty, keeping your customers totally informed of all your services and the true costs of them. One way to do this is to publish a list of services on your website, with easy-to-understand explanations and the full price list for each.  

Take Your Time

When people want something fixing in their car, they tend to want it right away. But offering a service at speed often results in a compromise in quality. When talking your customers through their options, let them know exactly how long they can expect a job to take, and that you do things efficiently while also not cutting any corners.

Be the Best

Of course, it is important to be good at what you do and honest in your business practices. But how can you ensure that customers view you as the best and most knowledgeable company in your field?

One way to do this is to position yourself as an expert in the industry by posting informative blog articles or even a newsletter. Providing customers with helpful info will not only gain their interest but also show them that you are the go-to source for auto repair information.  

Communication is Key

Another thing that is super important for building customer relationships and making sure they come back is to keep in regular communication with your client base. Think about setting up an email newsletter where you can keep customers informed with what you’ve been doing, and any exciting developments in your field. You can share successful jobs you’ve recently done, positive feedback or just your perspective on a news item in the automotive industry.  

Reward Their Loyalty

One way to ensure that clients keep coming back to your business is to show them you value their repeat custom by offering some sort of discount or incentive. Offer returning clients 10% off their next service, or a free consultation on general car maintenance.

And a way to encourage both customer loyalty and bring in new blood is to offer a “Bring-a-Friend” bonus – if your existing customer brings in a new client, then they both get some money off or a free gift. Win-win!

As you can see, there are many ways to encourage your loyal customers to keep coming back, and not only that – but you can also use their continued custom to help bring in new clients, too. So rewarding customer loyalty helps to increase your strength as a business, while also providing you with opportunities for growth.  

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