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The Best Excel Shortcuts for Accounting

The Best Excel Shortcuts for Accounting



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As all accountants and finance professionals know, working with spreadsheets is an integral part of the job. Although data entry is done using specialist accounting software, report work is usually carried out in Excel. As a result, knowing how to work in the quickest and most efficient ways with Microsoft Excel, which is one of the programmes most used by the profession, is absolutely vital.

The beauty of Excel is that it preserves data in a manner that is organised and logically structured. Moreover, it allows calculations to be carried out extremely quickly by using special functions. With faster navigation shortcuts at your fingertips, you can save a great deal of time when working with complicated data. This is particularly the case when working on lengthy worksheets, which is often what accounting professionals find themselves doing.

Here are a quick 20 Excel shortcuts that will save you valuable time - and help you to become even more efficient in your accounting work:


1. Ctrl + Shift + $ - to apply the currency format

2. Ctrl + ! - to open the format option dialog box

3. Control + T - to apply the Excel table to the selected data

4. Alt + = - to sum up the values from the upper or left cells

5. Alt + H + W - to apply the wrap text to the selected cell

6. Alt + W + F - to apply the freeze pane from the selected cells

7. Alt + N + V - to insert a pivot table with the selected data

8. Alt + F11 - to insert a chart from the selected data

9. Control + Shift + D - to apply filters to the data

10. ALT + A + M - to remove duplicates

11. CTRL +Shift + Space - delect the whole table at once i.e., all the cells (data enclosed in relevant rows and columns) within a specific range.

12. CTRL + PageUp - to switch to next worksheets

13. CTRL + PageDown - to switch to previous worksheets

14. CTRL + Tab - to switch to different workbooks

15. CTRL + ‘ - copy the formula from above cell and edit

16. CTRL + Shift + { - how to detect all cells linked to a formula

17. CTRL + Shift + Direction keys - how to select cells quickly and correctly

18. CTRL + F1 - to minimize the ribbon and create more workspace

19. F4 – to toggle cell reference / repeat last action

20. CTRL + Shift + 1 – number formatting with two decimal places


These are just a small, but important, number of Excel shortcuts. Learning, remembering and practising shortcuts in Excel is a sure way to improve your use of the programme. It will also enable you to dramatically speed up your work processes and be far more efficient and productive.

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