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Shutdown is difficult. Even for people that are able to work from home. But not everybody can work from home. Hair salons, beauticians, barber shops and spas are all closed during shutdown. This is putting a tremendous strain on the owners of these businesses. Here are 8 great ways to support your favorite hair salon, beauty salon, barbershop and spa.

If you are used to picking up your hair salon’s  professional shampoo after a blow dry, a scented candle after a massage at the spa or beard wax from your barbershop — why stop now?
This is the time when your favorite beauty and wellness business needs you the most. So if you still want to have them around once the coronavirus crisis is over, go online and check out their catalog.

Notice that some spas, barbershops and salons are branching out into other products as well. Some are offering house plants for example — a natural way to bring beauty and wellness into your homes. Others are offering additional products from their own brand, that you already know and trust.


Sip and Dry are offering 15% off on all online purchases until reopening

Just because you can no longer visit your favorite hair salon, beauty salon, spa or barbershop in person, doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy their expertise. Your beautician, who’s a skincare expert, can still give advice about that breakout.

Your trusted massage therapist can suggest an alternative to that relaxing shiatsu massage. Your barber can take a look at your hair or beard, and recommend trimming or waxing and so on.

This would be a good way to support your favorite salon, while maintaining some of your beauty and wellness routine. Yes, online consultations will be different to the services you get in person. But it can still feel very nice to meet the professionals you trust and like. A temporary yet lovely substitute to the real thing, until things go back to normal. Plus, it won’t be as expensive as the real deal.


Get Well Soon are offering  their clients online guided meditation and other online sessions.

Your hair salon, beauty salon, barbershop and spa might be offering membership cards. Those memberships provide clients with discounts, special deals, waiting-list priority and other benefits. They usually come at a fixed monthly or annual fee.

Buying a membership card, or renewing an existing one, even if the business is currently under shutdown, is a great way to support it.

You could purchase your barbershop’s membership, which offers a fixed discount for a monthly fee. The fee is usually lower than the cost of a beard trim. This makes it a good way to help out the business, at a very low cost to you.

Other than helping with the business’s cash-flow, it also gives the salon or spa the confidence that their clients remain loyal. And that they will return once all of this is over. And it will be over.


Just Breathe Yoga Center are offering a great membership deal, including their new online classes

The easiest way to show support for your favorite salons and spas, is by engaging with them on social media. Follow their social media accounts, like their Facebook page and Instagram profile. Give likes, shares and leave loving comments on their content.

Giving love on social media, doesn’t only lift up the spirit of your favorite hair stylist or barber. It also has an impact on how visible their accounts are. This is because both Facebook and Instagram (that’s owned by Facebook) reward accounts with high engagement, with higher visibility. Higher engagement yields higher exposure. This helps the beauty salon or spa reach more potential customers. Which, in turn, could mean hitting the ground running when they reopen.

No one knows when the social distancing will end. But two things are certain:

A. It will end.

B. Everyone will need a serious hair trim when it does.


Not pointing fingers here… lol

It might seem overly optimistic to book a future appointment right now. But in fact, it makes a lot of sense. Making a future online salon booking will enable your salon of choice to take a partial or full prepayment, and improve their suffering cash flow. Plus, it’s a wonderful show of support and faith in the fact that all of this will end soon enough. And that life will go back to normal.


the Salon in Ames, Iowa, is asking its clients to book and looking forward to getting back to the salon

Now is the perfect time for customers to write a great review about the nail salon that gives them that flawless manicure, or the spa with the best hot-stone massage in town. It only takes a few minutes, but makes all the difference in the world.

Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, Tripadvisor — customers can spend a few minutes on each. Or even post the same one on all the websites. A mass of positive reviews will make those spas and salons easier to find, and increase their chances of getting new clients. In fact, 92% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after reading a positive online review. That’s a good reason to help a beauty and wellness business by giving them a rave review during this time.

Another way to support your favorite salon or spa, is by buying their gift certificates. For the business, it’s a way to establish at least some revenue when it’s either closed or seeing a significant slowdown. For you — the customer — the benefit is twofold; supporting your favorite business AND gifting an experience to a loved one. For your loved one, by the way, it’s something good to look forward to, at a time that offers little comfort.

It can be a Swedish Massage voucher to that great spa with good reviews. Or a manicure gift certificate for that trendy nail salon downtown. Customers can buy a specific service as a gift or just a pre-paid voucher that allows the person receiving the gift to choose the service. Whichever they decide on, it’s a win-win for everyone.

This is possibly the easiest — or the hardest, depends on who you are — way to support a beauty business. Just wait for them. Many salons have joined a campaign called #showyourroots that asks clients to sport their roots and not go for the box dye during quarantine.

The reason is simple: salon owners want to know their clients will go back to their business and use their services once this health crisis is over. Plus, clients will have a hard time recreating the work of the beauty professionals who used to provide them this service.

We understand. It’s really hard to walk around, even if it’s just around the house, with those silver roots, especially if you have a darker color. But it’s a huge encouragement for salons and barbershops to know that their clients are loyal to them and are eagerly awaiting their return.


One Salon and Spa are asking their customers to wait for them

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