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What is email marketing

What is email marketing

Email Marketing


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What is e-mail marketing?

Everything a business needs to know about e-mail marketing

Planning your marketing strategy can seem overwhelming when you begin. With so many channels and directions to choose from you need to be sure that your marketing plan is not only effective in reaching the right customer but that it’s also cost effective. Simply put, e-mail marketing is the communication via e-mail with customers who are signed up to your database.

It is one of the most effective ways to boost a relationship between a business and consumer as in order to be on your database, a consumer must be interested in your service or product.


E-mail marketing is also one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your site, or social media channels, and allows you to reach customers in a targeted, friendly manner. In 2015 the UK Direct Marketing Association discovered that for every $1 spent an email has an average return on investment (ROI) of $38 .

When you consider how easy it can be to send an e-mail to your database, and the cost of sending them, it makes sense that e-mail marketing is one of the dominant channels in any business when it comes to driving engagement, sales and profit.


Why e-mail marketing works

In 2019 60% of e-mails were opened on mobile devices, which makes e-mail marketing one of the most powerful tools in engaging consumers with your brand. Most people check their e-mails first thing in the morning and last thing at night and thanks to modern technology we are never without the internet and access to e-mail.

E-mail marketing works so well as it allows you to contact and engage your database at any time of the day, wherever they are. For this reason, marketing e-mails are usually short, image-led and always designed for mobile devices.

The content of marketing e-mails can differ for each business and each e-mail send out, whether you choose to add promotions, introduce new services or send out more lengthy informative pieces.


How to create an e-mail newsletter

A marketing e-mail can be structured in many different ways, from sending out specific promotions and offers, longer education pieces about a business or offering information about services provided. While the tone of voice and content of an e-mail can differ for each business and each e-mail send out, the make-up of a marketing e-mail is always the same.

The first part of a marketing e-mail which is seen is the subject line. A good e-mail subject line is around 60 characters long and captures the recipient’s attention, encouraging them to click through. Using a casual, conversational tone of voice is ideal for increasing e-mail open rates and will generally set the tone for the e-mail ahead.

While the subject line of an e-mail is short and snappy, there is a pre-header which shows in the preview of an e-mail allowing you to add more context before someone opens the e-mail. The body of a marketing e-mail differs depending on your strategy and aim of each e-mail.

From postcard-style imagery to more lengthy pieces of copy which are usually broken up by sub-headers, the possibilities and styles of e-mail marketing allow you to tailor your customers' experience to your marketing strategy.


Boosting e-mail open rates and sales

However you choose to design and build your e-mails, there are multiple ways in which you can deliver an individual experience. Before you make your e-mail marketing strategy it is important to understand your customer, who they are and how they want to be spoken to.

Personalising e-mails by addressing the customer by name in the subject line is a proven way to increase engagement and brand confidence. You can also use e-mails to be slightly more aggressive in a sales manner by adding in promotions.

In a study taken out by Fluent it was found that promotional e-mails were 10% more effective in encouraging millennials to act than older generations, and highly personalised e-mails reaped even bigger benefits.


From snappy copy to proven results, e-mail marketing is a great way for brands and businesses to communicate with customers. If you want to step up your e-mail marketing plan, 12Handz can help you to create an innovative, successful strategy which will add huge value to your marketing plan and reap rewards for your business.

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