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What is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation?

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What is Lead Generation?

Simply put, lead generation is a marketing process to gain new customers for your business. Everyone knows that the key to growing any business is expanding your client base in order to increase sales.

There are many reasons why a company will need new customers over time; you maybe branching into a new demographic, launching a new service which will reach new customers or simply looking to increase brand awareness to achieve KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

By incorporating lead generation marketing into your overall business strategy, you will be able to connect with customers on a more personal level, reach them in their comfort zone and eventually turn leads into trusted sales. Read on to discover how to successfully execute lead generation to boost your business...


Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

As a business your marketing strategy will always be focussed on increasing your customers’ brand loyalty. While this is an important part of building a business, it’s also common that over time people lose interest or may not always need your services or products.

For example, if you’re an Estate Agent and have recently sold a property to someone, that client may not be ready to employ you again for a number of years, if ever. This is why identifying and qualifying new leads is crucial.

Lead generation allows you to continuously add to your database by identifying potential new customers whether that’s via data capture on your website, through social media channels or SEO (Search Engine Optimised) advertising.


A potential lead may be someone who is interested in your product or service but doesn’t yet know about your business or someone who has visited your site before but is not ready to buy. In both of these cases it’s down to your sales and marketing efforts to nurture the potential customer in order to qualify potential leads into sales.

Well thought-out lead generation programmes will attract potential customers at the right time without feeling too pushy. By attracting customers via lead generation, you are drawing them into your brand and starting a relationship by letting people know how you can help them as and when they need it.


How to Identify a Lead

In marketing terms, a lead is a potential customer. Investing in targeted lead generation is something companies are now spending a huge amount of marketing budget on as these customers are considered ‘hot prospects’ (the most likely to convert into sales).

Thanks to the rise in use of social media, blogs and search engines; the way relationships start between potential customers and brands has changed. You can assume that potential customers have done their research and are now looking for the right company rather than whether they need a service or product or not.


However, it’s not just enough to target people who are interested in certain services and products, you must be targeting the right people for exactly what you offer in order to successfully generate leads.

Knowing your customer inside out will be crucial in deciding where to designate your lead generation marketing efforts.

Who is your customer? Where are they browsing? Are they on Google or Facebook? Will they respond to video or static advertising on social media? Once you know who your customer is and what they respond to, lead generation becomes easy to execute.


Quality Over Quantity

Marketing methods can easily be split into two groups; inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is what you will know as your bread and butter in engaging customers such as e-mail marketing, social media posts and brand campaigns.


Inbound marketing uses compelling content to draw people from external sources to your website or social channels. It must grab someone’s attention about your business but also come across as genuine enough for people to begin a conversation with you about your company’s products and services.


Here are some methods of inbound marketing that are proven to successfully drive lead generation;

●       Informative long-form blog posts

●       Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website content

●       Viral videos

●       Social media campaigns

●       Brand partnerships and competitions

●       Google and Facebook Ads (PPC Lead Generation)


Imagine you are the Estate Agent from our previous example, your aim of lead generation would be to find a buyer for a property you have for sale. By using Google or Facebook Ads you can target people who have visited your competitor websites or searched ‘houses for sale’ in a specific area on Google.

The interest is there but they haven’t found the right agency or property yet. A strategically timed and targeted advert will instantly entice prospective buyers to browse your website and get in touch regarding any properties you have on offer.

By using these methods for lead generation, you’re not just increasing traffic to your site but ensuring that it’s high-quality traffic.


Tips for Lead Generation Campaigns

●       Be mindful of time – Without chasing up potential leads you risk losing them altogether. By having a strategy that aims to reengage with leads at the right time you will increase your chances of successful sales.

●       Stay ahead of the curve – Keeping up with your competitors as well as market trends across social media is essential in keeping your lead generation programme relevant.

●       Invest in the right lead generation software and tools – Being able to track and analyse your leads will allow you to make smarter choices in terms of allocating time and budget for future lead generation campaigns.

●       Rely on data – Capturing data from your website and external marketing channels is key when it comes to lead generation. Where you see huge levels of engagement are the areas you need to channel your efforts.

●       Be personable and relatable – Thanks to the internet, the market is oversaturated. Buyers are now looking for something that speaks to them on a more personal level.


Essentially, the more customers you have the more opportunities you have to make sales and increase revenue making lead generation an essential part of any businesses marketing strategy.

This is why it’s important to invest in the right team and tools to ensure that content is relevant, well-researched and compelling in any lead generation campaign. By using a marketing tool such as 12Handz you will gain access to content strategists, copywriters and data analysts who all work together to boost your reach and generate more leads.


Above all, you want to ensure that you are investing wisely in new marketing methods and getting a high return on investment (ROI) from your efforts. By working with a professional team at 12Handz to identify leads and target them you can be certain that you will position your brand at the forefront of competition in the market.

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