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What We Can Learn from The Social Media Profiles of Leading Electrical Contractors

What We Can Learn from The Social Media Profiles of Leading Electrical Contractors



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Social media is a highly popular channel for electricians. Your customers are on Facebook and Instagram, to name just two networks, so it makes sense to try and engage them and market to them on these channels. Plus, social media doesn’t necessarily require a high budget to work well. So we took a look at the social media profiles of leading electrical contractors and came back with some insights:

  1. Dornan

Dornan has a modest Facebook following of around 3,000 people. It has a highly detailed profile, with their website address, opening hours and other important pieces of information about the business, such as their services. It seems that Dornan uses Facebook for lead gathering, since they have enabled Facebook users to call them directly via their Facebook business profile.  

However, in terms of content, Dornan focuses on two main content types: recruitment and social responsibility. Their recruitment posts get a fair share of reposts on Facebook, which means their employees support the company’s recruitment efforts and try to spread the word.

As for social responsibility, Dornan supports a variety of causes and takes the time to support national days, such as National Walk Day or Mental Health Awareness Week. They also support such causes as a campaign to involve more girls and women in STEM careers and Men’s Health Week.

Your takeaway: Don’t shy away from showcasing your volunteer work, if you have them. These can create an emotional connection between you and your customers. Plus, they show you to be a tradesperson who cares about your community who contributes when they can. Since local marketing is at the core of every electrical contractor business, this could boost your brand in the eyes of your potential customers.

  1. Vaughan Engineering Group

Vaughan Engineering Group also features recruitment posts on Facebook, but they are mostly focused on two types of content: new projects and employee stories.

Their employee stories are inspiring and feature both apprentices and senior managers. Shining a light on different types of employees in the company is a smart choice. Their social posts convey a distinct feeling that they take pride in their employees and celebrate their achievements:

Your takeaway: Your employees are your biggest asset. Be sure to share their stories on social media and give them credit for their hard work. People love to see the faces behind the business, and they would appreciate hearing more about your team and your teamwork.

  1. Halsall M&E

Halsall M&E has an active Twitter account, dedicated to it's different projects. They have before and after photos, as well as tweets on the progress of every site they’re working on. This is pretty standard, but what Halsall does well is to leverage different social features to extend their social reach. They use hashtags and mentions (when you tag another Twitter user) to make sure their tweets have a bigger distribution and also to engage their customers:

Your takeaway: Don’t be afraid to engage your customers and extend your social reach. You can tag your customers on relevant posts or share theirs. This way, your posts can also be seen by friends and followers of your customers. Hashtags are also a good way to spread your message beyond your page.  

  1. Carmel Group

Carmel Group has a Twitter account rich in content. They use it to celebrate different achievements, such as rewards and accreditations, and showcase their biggest projects. Every tweet has an image attached to it, which helps to illustrate it and engage followers.

Your takeaway: Make sure to record your achievements on social media, whether they’re big or small. Accreditations, qualifications and trade association membership are all a testament to your professionalism, skills and knowledge.  

The jobs you complete are also worthy social media material. It’s important to illustrate each with an image, or even a before and after photo, and explain about the project, its purpose and how you managed to make it a success.  

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