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What you should do with a £12K marketing budget

What you should do with a £12K marketing budget



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Maybe you’re already spending £12K or more for your current yearly marketing budget. Or perhaps you’re anticipating a larger budget soon. Either way, it should be money well spent or you can end up with money badly wasted (though, we hope it doesn’t get wasted).  

Here’s what we recommend you should do:

  1. First, make a plan. We keep repeating this but it’s true. Without a plan it’s not marketing. It’s just wasting your time and money. Okay, we know that a making a plan might not always directly cost you money and take up part of your actual spend. BUT it’s important to make sure a plan is part of what you do whenever you’re considering a marketing budget. Not having a plan could “cost” you a huge amount.  

  1. Do a full online-presence audit.  This really goes hand-in-hand with your plan. In order to determine what you need to spend your budget on it’s important to understand your current position. This audit should include reviewing: your website (please say you have one), your social media channels and other online profiles like Google My Business. You should also have a look at your website SEO and see if it’s helping you or hurting you. If you have the time to research all aspects of your online impact you could choose to do the audit yourself. There are various free tools online to help you such as domain authority checkers. But we recommend you hire someone who’s an expert at digital marketing. That person can quickly help you identify the gaps that need to be fixed and figure out how to best fix them.  

  1. Invest in marketing automation. If we’re talking about digital marketing (and most people are these days) then it’s not surprising that part of your budget should go towards good tech. Having the right technology for your business goes a long way to making your marketing successful. While there are free tools out there such as email automation software, don’t expect this to be enough. Using an integrated marketing platform can help you see the big picture and reduce inefficiencies so that you can gain more from your efforts. And inevitably, you’ll need to create content for your marketing. Even if its just for social media posts. Using marketing software is key to achieving consistent messaging.  

  1. Ads!!! Using online advertising can really help you grow your business – fast. If it’s done right. Or you could be burning money fast. This is when your plan is especially important (there’s that plan again).  If you don’t have a plan, then your ads can quickly cost you more than you’re getting back. It’s important to dedicate a significant portion of your budget to ads as long as you have a good overall plan. Expect to spend a significant portion for managing your ads compared to the media cost of the ads themselves. Be sure your ad creative is both relevant and compelling.

  1. Don’t forget the merchandise. Also, affectionately called SWAG (Stuff We All Get), having physical items is still quite valuable even with such an online world. In fact, some SWAG can go hand-in-hand with a digital marketing strategy. For example, if you plan on taking pictures or videos of your business staff, wearing a branded t-shirt can add that extra level of professionalism that customers appreciate (after all, you are the expert at what you do). You should also dedicate part of your budget to certain basic types of collateral like business cards and brochures. Simply put – it adds trust to your brand.  When people trust you, they’re more likely to spend money on your products or services. Just be sure to follow-up with good customer relationship management so that you can deliver the experience that you’re promising.  

If you’re investing in all of the above, a £12K budget should be a great start to propelling your business growth. Even though the first item is making a plan – really you should be evaluating your strategy regularly (here we are, talking about plans still).  But maybe you’re not quite as excited about spending the time dedicated to planning as we are? Then be sure to try out 12Handz and get your FREE bespoke marketing plan today. It’s made just for your business and nobody else’s.  

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Marketing built
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