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Which social media channels are right for your accountancy firm

Which social media channels are right for your accountancy firm

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When it comes to social media, there can be no doubt that it is a vital and powerful marketing tool in today’s highly competitive world. Accounting firms need to search for ways to spread awareness of the advantages you can bring clients, and social media can do exactly that.

Whether you are an established regional or national accounting company, or a fledgeling business, you need to be using social media to tell the story of your unique selling points. Using the various social media platforms is a highly efficient and cost-effective way of putting yourselves in front of potential new clients. And it also ensures that existing customers see your name and news updates on a regular basis.

As you would expect, the different platforms are aimed at varying audiences. Some may be perfectly fitted to your needs, while others won’t help put your firm in front of the readers that you want.

We have selected the main platforms that can provide the best online presence, and which will enable your accountancy company to reach the exact audiences that your business needs: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest.



Let’s start with social media giant: Facebook, which has an estimated 2.85 billion users. Just to put that in perspective, that’s close to 1 in every 3 people on the planet. Everyone knows that Facebook will connect you to family and friends in seconds.

However, not everyone knows that it’s an incredible marketing tool. Many millions of brands and businesses around the world use it as their online shopfront, as well as using Facebook Ads. Create an accounting business page and you will see that it’s an extremely convenient way for clients to find you online and connect with your firm.

Post your latest company news, updates and promotions, or industry-related developments to your Facebook page, and also use it to send viewers to your website for further info about the services you offer. In addition, your company Facebook page is an ideal spot for clients to post positive reviews about your great customer service. You can then share these reviews on your website and other social media to build your reputation and grow your business.



LinkedIn is touted as a global network linking professionals, and less as a “social” media. It’s the ideal platform for creating a business page, where you also place your company logo and a short description about the company.

This is exactly the place for uploading company and industry news. It’s a good idea to post wider industry news, in addition to articles about your firm, because that will attract visitors and encourage them to return for more such items. These blogs and other pieces will then appear in the feed of a growing number of readers that follow your business.

LinkedIn is also a great place to upload job vacancies, and provides a quick and convenient way for visitors to quickly read up about the firm and view the kind of people who work at your company as well as checking if they have contacts at your firm.


Instagram is the ultimate visual social media platform for people on the go. And since most of us are constantly on the go and connected to our mobiles most of the time, Instagram is hugely popular. Launched in 2010, it rapidly became hugely popular, particularly among the younger generation where photographic messaging has become the rage.

Instagram provides a fast way of showing your clients your latest news in an attractive visual way. By posting pictures of your offices and facilities, staff updates, fun days, happy hours, conferences and seminars, Instagram gives you many options for making your company a star. Use filters and special effects, edit your images, share posts, view and publish your stories. In addition, the phenomenon of Instagram Influencers has taken off in recent years, with these experts wielding great clout, and that is something that everyone can do with the right strategy and commitment.


Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter is more a place for words than images. Twitter enables you to engage in discussions with clients and potential customers. It’s a great way to show your firm’s expertise in the accounting business. The beauty of Twitter is that it's all about short messaging, or so-called Tweets. Some users describe it as micro-blogging.

Because the tweets have to be short – 280 characters is the limit– Twitter is easy to keep track of by scanning the flow of Tweets. Users have to be extremely concise and with a razor-sharp focus. As with all social media, it’s all about building up numbers of “followers” - that’s how you create your reputation as an industry expert. In other words, you have to be worth following! Use Twitter as a marketing tool by advertising your services in a brief and witty way.


This is undoubtedly the platform with the overall youngest audience, and has taken social media by storm over the past two years or so. It has an estimated 1 billion users, and the number continues to grow. At its heart, is the ability to create short videos of around 15seconds featuring heart-pumping popular songs of the moment and dance moves. If Twitter is for micro-blogging, the TikTok is all about micro-vlogging.

TikTok encourages creativity and lets you say exactly what you are feeling. And, as with Pinterest which allows users to curate images, TikTok does the same for video. It has created a massive community of users, and many thousands of mini-communities devoted to specific subjects. Brands have realised that its's relatively easy to use TikTok to create challenges and contests to attract users to generate brand-related content.

It might not be the right platform for the accountancy business, but it’s worth keeping an eye on developments at TikTok.



People usually visit Pinterest for inspiration, looking for everything from recipes to garden landscaping and a huge number of other activities and hobbies. Although it might not seem like an obvious candidate for usage by accountancy businesses, it can serve as a wonderful marketing tool for companies through the use of beautiful images and bold text statements.

People use Pinterest for looking for images and sharing their own, as well as information in a type of visual bookmark. It’s a perfect vehicle for sharing info with the wider community. Attractive Pinterest posts can help drive visitors to your website because a pin will link back to your site. The social media platform can help you expand your reach, while raising the authority of your brand via detailed descriptions of the “pins” that you post.

This might not fit the social media strategy of all accounting firms, but again it’s worth investigating how it could do so.


Snapchat is a mobile app and its main feature is that pictures, videos or message that users send are only available to the person receiving them for a relatively short period of time. It then becomes unavailable. Originally aimed to be for person-to-person photo sharing, it now has a range of functions, such as sending short videos, live video chatting, messaging, creating caricature-like Bitmoji avatars, and sharing a chronological “story” that’s sent to the sender’s followers.

As with Instagram, Snapchat also has sophisticated filters and picture editing features, and is aimed at mobile phone use where people can send and also reply on the fly. As with Pinterest and TikTok, this might not be exact fit for accounting firms, however it does provide options for companies aiming for a younger demographic.



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