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Why Email Marketing is Great for Electricians

Why Email Marketing is Great for Electricians



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These days, it’s increasingly important to build an online presence across all channels – we’re talking websites, social media pages and search engines. You’re probably thinking that this all makes sense, but something like email marketing seems like a bit overboard, especially for this industry.  

Why should an electrician be bothering with email marketing? Does it really make that much difference? The truth is that it can be THE difference – the right email marketing can take your SMB from good to great. Let 12Handz walk you through just how vital – and easy – email marketing can be for your business.

It Saves You Time

As we know, the electrician industry is a fast-paced and busy one, and most jobbing electricians don’t have time to spend hours on sprucing up their digital marketing, when instead they could be out getting the job done. This is one reason why email marketing is the perfect way for busy electricians to get the word out about their business – it doesn’t take long, it’s simple enough to do, and you can fit it in around your everyday work schedule.

It Reaches More People

Not only is email marketing quicker than many other forms of communication, but it is amazing how far and wide your messaging can reach. According to the ONS (Office for National Statistics), email is the most common internet activity – in 2019, a whopping 86% of adults were using the internet for email. So if you’re taking your business online, email is for sure the way to go.

It Reaches the Right People

Not only does an email campaign mean you can reach a far wider net of people, but it also helps you to reach the perfect audience for your message. Get into the habit of taking customers’ email addresses when they use your services – of course making sure to get their consent to add them to your email list – and also add a link on your website to subscribe. This way, when customers (or potential customers) see your email in their inbox, it’s welcome info, and all they have to do is open it.

It’s Free

Another great reason to send out an email campaign is that you can do it totally yourself – no need for paid advertising or hiring someone to post your profile. And if you don’t feel confident sending it out yourself just yet, you could follow 12Handz’ step-by-step guide in your tailored marketing plan. And the cost for that? Also free.

It Builds Integrity

We can see how email marketing is a brilliant way to quickly, accurately and cheaply reach your customers with important messaging about your business. But it’s not just that – it’s also a great opportunity to show your customers just how much you know about the world of electrical repairs. Sending out regular updates and info titbits in your newsletter will help build customers’ trust in you as an expert in the industry – right in their inbox.  

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Marketing built
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