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Why It’s Important to Build Strong Accountancy Client Relationships

Why It’s Important to Build Strong Accountancy Client Relationships



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However long you have been practicing as an accountant, nothing will have prepared you for the last few years in the UK economy. From a tumultuous few years following the Brexit vote to unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s fair to say that no one could have predicted the fallout from these historical events.  

Building customer relationship

People have been forced to look at their lifestyles and finances in different ways, making your job as their accountant even more important. As we emerge from the pandemic and resume a normal life, now is the time to establish great customer relationships and further develop those you already have.  

Our guide to creating accountancy client relationships in this modern day will offer you simple hints and tips you can easily execute…  


Modern Day Accountants are Thought of as Business Advisors  


With the rise in internet use, we are seeing more apps and websites that can do all of the hard work accountants have traditionally done. From organising invoices, tax bills and even filing tax returns, it seems that there is nothing that can’t be done by a click of a button on your laptop or mobile phone. For this reason, accountancy firms are becoming more like a business and finance advisor to their clients.   


As an accountant, you are essentially in charge of people’s money. When you are an accountant for personal reasons, or even to small businesses, even minor details missed or added to your service can make a huge difference to people’s livelihoods and future financial situations. From tax law updates to innovative ways of managing assets, there are plenty of things that clients will rely on you for in the modern day when basic accounting has become a smaller part of your service.  


Discover What is Important to Your Clients  


Following a year where face-to-face meetings were put on hold and remote offices became the rage, people value personal interaction more than ever. Clear and constant communication between you and your clients is essential. While it’s your job to keep clients in the loop about what needs to be actioned and when, discovering your client’s goals for the future can help you build your relationships further. It’s worth sitting down regularly with your clients to catch up on their lives and goals for the coming year so you can act in their best interests.  


The changes you make may not always be associated with traditional accounting methods, but also involved in accounting customer relationships. Businesses of all sizes are constantly looking for innovative ways to refine processes and save time and money. In this regard, being tech-savvy is an extremely positive attribute for your accounting firm. Implementing digital solutions to transform how the financial side of your business works will instantly add value to your service as an accountant.   



Open and Honest Conversations Will Lead to Long-Lasting Relationships 


Once you fully understand your client’s needs, you’ll be able to provide an accounting service that is not only relevant, but personal, too. Time is precious, and with economies expected to fluctuate significantly in the coming years, finances will become an even more significant factor in decision making. Being honest and genuine with your advice on inheritance tax, asset management and long-term tax planning will help generate trust with your clients.  


Be Market Aware and Adaptable  


One of the most important attributes for accountants in a post-pandemic world will be their ability to adapt to new ways of working. If your clients are companies, no matter how big or small, they will be adapting their business to support workforces in a new commercial era. Employers will be relying on accountants and finance advisors to support them. Strategy and consulting skills have been identified as the most in-demand skills for accountants by firms emerging from lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic.  

To demonstrate your expertise in these areas, setting up a blog, posting on social media or even sending personalised e-mail newsletters will keep your clients engaged and feel as though you are anticipating the market for them.  

Customer relationship management

Building relationships with your clients is an essential part of your role as an accountant. As trust grows, so does peace of mind for your clients which in uncertain times become an invaluable asset for you. Demonstrating that you can remove everyday stress for businesses, sole traders and private clients will, in turn, give you an edge over competitors. Offering affordable and efficient tax services undoubtedly make you a good accountant, but friendliness, innovation and high-level personal service will set you apart from the rest.  

While your job is to make your clients’ lives easier, we can make running your accountancy business effortless for you. Our marketing tools will make communicating with clients simple and efficient, leaving you with more time to research, develop and help your clients even more. For more information on how to get the most out of 12Handz in order to build better relationships visit our website.

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