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Why People Ignore Regular Car Maintenance and What Your Auto Repair Shop Can Do

Why People Ignore Regular Car Maintenance and What Your Auto Repair Shop Can Do

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Owning a car, or even being a good driver, doesn’t necessarily mean car owners take regular car maintenance seriously. Many car owners don’t know (or remember) what they should do or when to do it. Many are not sure what car maintenance is strictly necessary and which things aren’t critical. So, they endlessly postpone servicing their car, thinking that if it’s running OK, it can’t be that urgent.  

As a car mechanic, you know how wrong this is. It will simply cost them more money in the long run and could potentially be dangerous as well. Fortunately, there are any things you can do to ensure your customers don’t ignore their car maintenance. And there’s something in it for you, too! 

First, you should inform them of what needs to be done, how often, why and how. There are many ways you can share this useful information: in your email newsletter, in your blog, on social media, etc. Facebook groups are also a good place to share this knowledge.  

You can do this in a series of written content pieces, or maybe as short videos. However you do it, and whichever channel you choose, you can break it down into a few content pieces: 

For instance, in one short article you can explain why it’s important not to ignore car maintenance (discuss safety issues and how it can save lives; mention how a regularly serviced vehicle saves you money in the long run; and how not doing it can have a negative impact on insurance claims).  

In another article, you can explain what needs to be done and when. In a third piece of content, you can answer how often a car needs to be serviced, based on the age of the car, the make and model, how it is used (rural roads, town/city driving, on the motorway), as well as how much it is driven.  

You can explain why a full car service is not the same as a MOT, and why you need both (lots of people mistakenly think that if they’ve just had a MOT they don’t need to have their car serviced too). And you can write and answer frequently asked questions regarding regular car maintenance.  

By sharing this valuable content with your audience, you are not only doing them a huge favour, you are also positioning yourself as an authority in your field, which is excellent marketing. This will make people trust your business and recommend it to others, and it will also benefit your customer loyalty.  

If people find your tips especially interesting and useful, they will share them with others: they’ll forward your newsletter to their friends or share your posts on social media. This will spread awareness of your business to new potential customers. Which is like free advertising!  

Another thing you can do is write a Facebook post – either in a group page or on your own – encouraging people to ask you car maintenance questions in the comments. Make sure to answer promptly. This way you can directly communicate with drivers and answer their questions, and at the same time boost your social media engagement.  

You can also personalise your communications, which makes this information even more effective, as it reaches the right people at the right time. For instance, if you segment your email list, you can send a reminder to your clients that are due for a car service, together with the relevant information and a special offer. Or, if a certain amount of time has passed, since certain customers have last had a tyre replacement – remind them that it’s time, together with a list explaining why it’s important to do so and offering a discount. 

Your auto repair shop can really make a difference when it comes to making sure people maintain their cars properly. You’ll be helping people as well as marketing your own business at the same time!  

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