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Why Your Electrical Business Needs a Logo

Why Your Electrical Business Needs a Logo



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We know what you are thinking. I am an electrician – not a designer! Why should I bother spending time or money on thinking up a snazzy logo for my business?

It’s true that having a logo won’t make you a better electrician, but will it bring your electrical business more customers and revenue? Absolutely. Here’s why.

Establish Your Identity

This is one of the main reasons that a business logo is so important for any small and medium sized business (SMB) – no matter what industry you’re in. If you have a logo across all your media – your website, emails, or your business cards – it establishes a brand identity for your company and gives you a strong, likeable personality. How do you want customers to think of you? Friendly and approachable? Business-like and serious? Your logo is the first step to setting this out.

Going Pro

Probably one of the more obvious reasons to give your business a logo is that it looks more professional. Even a small but recognisable logo is an easy way to give your SMB an air of professionalism and expert knowledge.  

Making Your Mark

Having a company logo and branding is also an easy way to make your stamp on things. When customers gain a piece of valuable knowledge or information from your website or email, your logo on the side or in the background will help them remember it’s from you. Plus, if they snapshot it and send it to your friends, they’ll know it, too.  

Staying Relevant

Not only will a business logo help you make your mark, but it will help customers and potential clients remember you and stick in their minds. Imagine you do a great job for a customer and they’re telling their friends about it, but they can’t quite remember your name. It happens! But in this case – they’ll remember what your logo looks like. Then they’ll look through their contacts or emails, and bam! Your logo will jump right back at them and give them that extra nudge to pass you on.

Human Nature

Another reason a business logo is so important is that it helps you appear to your customers as less like a faceless business and more like a real person. It simply makes you more human. Let’s face it, reading up on electrical problems and solutions isn’t always the most exciting thing for many customers to read. Jazzing up your technical info with an appealing and viewer-friendly logo will make all the difference to how customers feel about using your services

So there you have it! It’s amazing how something as seemingly simple as a business logo can make such a difference to your image and the impact of your digital marketing. Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of creating this, or don’t even know where to begin? That’s where 12Handz comes in. Check us out now for your free marketing plan, and expert help along every step of the way.  

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Marketing built
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