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Young accountants turn to YouTube to provide moving accounts of their lives

Young accountants turn to YouTube to provide moving accounts of their lives



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Younger accountants are changing the way the profession looks – and the way it presents itself to the world. They are using social media – especially YouTube – to show the way they live and work.

A new look at the work of accountants

And it’s not a case of giving tips about how to get into the profession or how they fill in forms and execute their work, but rather a look at how they juggle their work and life. Sure, they are happy to be members of a profession that gives them a great salary and conditions, but they also present a refreshing view of the life of the new generation of accountants.

They have a very different approach to what they expect from their lives and their work than did accountants of previous generations. And it is precisely that willingness to be totally open and frank about the profession that they have chosen and what they expect from it that makes the videos so watchable.

With a complete lack of self-inhibition, they describe every part of their day from waking up to putting head to pillow late at night.

They are willing, of course, to put in the necessary hours - no matter how long and demanding they may be. Perhaps unlike previous generations, however, they also expect the job to give them a way of life and one they can enjoy to the full.

What a normal day for a young accountant looks like

One such example is “accountant_she” with a video entitled: “A day in the life of an accountant - running an accountancy practice in my twenties!!”. Rising at 5am, she immediately launches into her day with a pint of ice-cold water, a fitness routine, journaling and meditation followed by a cold shower before breakfast where she insists on spending quality time with her partner. Quite a vigorous start to the day!

She serves as an inspiring figure, confidently explaining how and what she does through the day as she runs through a checklist of seminars, communicating via other social media, interviewing staff, networking and growing a community.

Another YouTube accounting star is Luke James, who takes us through the “Pros and cons of being an accountant” in one of his many videos. He explains what he sees as the benefits of accountancy, which, he says, provides great training that “opens doors for you in life”.

He happily explains how accountancy provides members of the profession with a great standard of living and job security in a profession that will always be needed. Training is hard and accounting is not for everyone but if you are willing to put in the hard work, the long-term benefits can be tremendous. His videos pull no punches and give a sympathetic look at the life of a London-based accountant.

On the YouTube video “Day in the life of a big 4consultant”, Shirley KC gives a review of her day, which often starts with a visit to the gym at 5 am. She stresses the need to make an early start on work, and to be well-organised. But she also points out the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.

The message is: I am happy with my job and willing in to put in long hours, but I want to be able to enjoy my life and work and live healthily.

Meanwhile, a young auditor called Devamsha talks about the daily life of a junior/graduate auditor with a description of day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. She has great tips for younger accountants who inevitably are daunted by the scope of demands put on them.

Among the tips are: prepare thoroughly, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask lots of questions, seek clarification of all goals and understand that all of these will help you create a more solid relationship.

To sum up

Posting videos of your work, weather on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media, is a great way of visually showing clients and potential customers who you are and what you do.

It requires a little investment of time, but the payoff is likely to make it worthwhile since you make a human and personal connection in a way that writing a blog does not do.

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