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We understand that electricians struggle with marketing.
 It’s FREE, easy and combines robust technology and real human help to meet all your digital marketing needs
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The Perfect Solution for Growing Your Business
A helping hand for British electricians!

Meet 12HANDZ:

A helping hand for British electricians!

The only marketing platform that gives you a FREE, personalised and professional marketing plan. Complete with all the tools to put it into practice, and expert help any time you need it.

We build marketing plans just for your business
(not anybody else’s!)

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What we offer

A customised marketing plan

You  don’t need big budgets to do clever marketing – what  you need is a plan. Once  your marketing plan has been set, you decide how to put it into action: by yourself using our tools, via our marketing experts, or with a combination of both.

I Want my Free Plan!
A customised marketing plan
This is what you can do by yourself using our easy DIY tools

Online Tools

This is what you can do by yourself using our easy DIY tools

It’s easy to generate new business for your accounting firm through review management, emails and text.

You can easily execute your free customised marketing plan with our Guided Marketing tool, which will suggest marketing activities to help you reach your goals.

Make sure your accountancy firm has an effective social media presence with our Guided Social Media tool and DIY Google Ads.

Let your clients easily book time with your accountancy team online, and free up your office manager’s time for other, more complex tasks.

Collate all your client interactions, including tax forms. This will make it easier to automate your emails, retain clients and remind them it’s time, for example, to send in their annual paperwork.

Create a professional, slick website that will give potential clients a great first impression of your accountancy firm and inspire their trust.

Manage your marketing on the go. All major capabilities are accessible via mobile, including guided marketing, social posting, inbox, CRM, ad campaigns, review management, payments, booking and calendar.

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Marketing Services

This is what we can do for you

We will determine the best SEO strategy for your accounting firm, so potential clients can discover your website through search engines. We will create a plan to execute this strategy. This includes rewriting your current website content, creating updated content for your firm and overhauling your website structure. We will make sure to measure and assess the success of these actions every step of the way.

For Google Ads, we will start by making a list of Google Search keywords relevant for your accounting firm, based on the budget and on the competition in your market. For Facebook Ads, we’ll define the campaign goals and audiences targeted by the campaign. Then we will create the ads, including the copy and images. Once approved, we will begin managing your campaign, gauging its success, and adapting the budget to reach the best results.

We will analyse your website to understand its performance and compare it to other accountancy websites. We will come up with a strategy to convert new website visitors into leads or paying clients. We will also rewrite your website content, create new pages and adapt your website structure and design, if necessary. Then, we will measure the success of our steps, so we can decide how to move forward.

We will create a marketing calendar for your accounting firm, that will help you plan your marketing and get the most out of it. The calendar will feature relevant days or periods of time when there is a higher demand for your accounting services, such as the first quarter of the year, which is notoriously a busy time for accountants. This will enable you to prepare materials and campaigns to leverage those dates.

We will create a professional website for your accounting firm, which will demonstrate the value you provide to your customers. First, we will come up with a recommended website structure. Once approved, we will design and write copy for your site. We want it to be effective in bringing new customers onboard, while engaging your existing ones.  

If you have an existing website that you’d like to enhance, we’ll make the necessary adjustments and changes, so it looks and performs its best. We will also build you a professional logo from scratch, to reflect your firm.

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This is what we can do for you
More Marketing Services

More Marketing Services

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all social networks that are effective for your accounting firm’s marketing efforts. We will set up your social profiles and make sure they’re professional and informative. We will create the copy for your pages and add compelling imagery aimed at creating an impressive social presence for your accountancy business.

We will create content for your social posts and schedule them to be published at just the right time to encourage engagement. We will write the content, design the posts and track their performance. Once we know what’s working and what isn’t, we can continually improve your social content.

We are here for all your copy and content needs. Our marketing writers will craft compelling copy for your accounting firm’s entire content strategy. Including website copy, blog posts, professional events, emails and more.

We will create email and text campaigns that are aligned with your marketing goals. We’ll write and design your emails and texts and monitor your campaign results. If your campaign isn’t reaching its targets, we’ll tweak it accordingly.

We will create a listing for your accounting firm on Google My Business, Yelp, etc. and optimise it to make it as attractive as possible for potential customers looking you up.

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The questions you’re probably
asking yourself right now.

12Handz is a guided-marketing tool for small and medium businesses. It’s simple and easy to use, meeting all your digital marketing needs in one tool: CRM, online booking and payments, DIY website builder, automated marketing, social posting, review management and more.

Using 12Handz is intuitive and informative. It is the only SMB marketing platform that gives you a free, personalised and professional marketing plan. Complete with all the tools to put it into practice, and expert help any time you need it.

Our marketing features have been built with small and medium businesses in mind. This means that they are effective and powerful – but easy to use. They are designed for business owners just like you, who need to deal with all aspects of their business – human resources, product, logistics and more – and aren’t professional marketers. That’s why they need marketing tools that work for them, rather than marketing tools that are hard work.

We champion British SMBs by guiding them to the right marketing for their business, saving them the time, money and effort wasted in doing it wrong.

We apply a unique combination of robust technology, our thorough understanding across industries, the SMB’s ambitions and human expertise to pinpoint each business’ most effective marketing activities. This is delivered, free, in a step-by-step plan, easily implemented via the 12Handz platform tools or by your assigned Marketing Expert.

We believe you don’t have to have big budgets to do clever marketing. You just need to know what marketing is right for you. Our personalised plans show small and medium businesses exactly what marketing they should be doing - and how to do it. And we make our free plan to champion small and medium businesses success.

SMBs struggle with marketing. It takes precious time. It eats scarce budgets. It demands know-how. And when it doesn’t give the right results, it’s frustrating. 12Handz solves all these problems. The entire platform is designed purely for SMBs to do marketing that actually benefits their businesses. Easily. Effectively. Efficiently.

12Handz costs £49 per month, but if you sign up now you will receive the first 3 months free!

Once the free trial ends, you will receive an email asking you to choose your payment method to make sure we can keep helping you execute great marketing that’s right for your business.

It’s no problem. There is no cancellation fee. And we’ll always be happy to have you back when you’re good and ready. You can also choose to deactivate your account instead of deleting it. If you deactivate,  you’ll still stop paying, but all your data will be saved, so you can hit the ground running if you choose to return. 

Yes, you can access your 12Handz account from any computer anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.  

You can also download our mobile app for Android here or the  iPhone app  here.