Your Online Booking
And Business Calendar

Let your clients book online and stay organised with a streamlined and easy-to-use calendar

Let Them Book Your Services 24/7

Things We Do

Get more clients and keep your customers happy by letting them book your services online, whenever they want.

Things We Do

Your customers will be able to book a meeting or an appointment for the exact service they are interested in.

Things We Do

Your clients can easily book directly with you, without being sent to an external site or required to open an account.

Things We Do

We also offer facility booking and easy payment collection and invoicing.

Online Booking And Business Calendar

Give your clients the information they need on each team member

You’re Only as Good as Your Team

Update your team members on your booking system so your clients can book the service they need from the person they want at the time that is most convenient for them.

Include each team member’s working hours, availability and speciality. Plus, you can let your clients contact your team members directly.

Take a Look at Your Calendar

Your business calendar provides you with all your booking information – you can see your employees’ bookings and their availability all together. You can easily filter your calendar by day, week or month to have an overview of everything you need.

The 12Handz calendar syncs with external planners and can maintain distinct calendars for each employee.

Online Booking And Business Calendar

A simple and effective booking system

Connect with Your Customers Through Your Calendar

The system lets you message your clients directly, by email or text. After they’ve booked a service with you, you can send them all the information they need, in case they need to do any preparations beforehand.

You can also add product sales to service bookings, as well as automated appointment reminders.

Booking your services has never been easier! The 12Handz platform provides a full overview of your bookings and each team member’s schedule – all in one place.

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Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

Online booking allows your clients to book services or appointments with you 24/7. No need to monitor your phone or check your email or texts for appointment requests. You just set your business opening hours, or each individual employee’s working hours, and clients pick the date and time that works for them.    

Online booking has other advantages, too. You can send automated reminders to your customers before an appointment or service to minimise no-shows.

Yes. You can create various categories and then add services to those categories. You can also add a description and details to each service, so that customers know exactly what to expect. 

No, they don’t. It’s easy and quick to book you on 12Handz. Customers don’t need to set up an account – just fill in their details and contact info.

Absolutely. Each employee can be sent an invite and have their own platform and mobile-app login credentials, with different levels of permission, so they can only view the information you want them to see and carry out the actions you have authorised them to perform.

Your monthly fee covers unlimited users, each with an allocated calendar! We’re committed to your growth, so go ahead and add your entire team – at no extra cost.