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Use our CRM tool to improve your customer relationships – never miss an opportunity to upsell to customers again!

Engage with Your Customers and Grow Your Business

Things We Do

The 12Handz CRM system helps you manage customers in a smart and efficient way. We help you maintain, nurture and grow client relationships so you can remarket and upsell.

Things We Do

Are your contacts stored somewhere else? Just import them or add them manually to the 12Handz CRM.

Things We Do

Once they are there, we’ve created an automated system to keep on top of what’s important for your customers.


Easily interact with your customers - from one place

Connect with Customers –
In One Place 

Interact with everyone using your 12Handz all-around inbox. It’s simple – you can see all your customer updates there, in one place.

Even if you have a website on another platform, we’ve designed the CRM so you’ll only need to log into one place – no need for unnecessary work!

Yes, Make it Personal 

Create and manage labels for your contacts. The more you categorise your contacts, the more you can have customised and meaningful interactions. You can filter your contacts to see their current status.

The CRM integrates with your email system so that you can send key messages and keep track of all communications. It also allows you to manage your customer reviews. Choose from pre-defined templates to make your email content informative and engaging with minimal effort.

Manage your contact labels to personalise your customer relationships


Sync Your Services  

If you create your website with us, all your information will automatically be updated in your CRM system. If you already have a website, you can still manage all your services through the CRM. If you have lots of services, just keep growing.

It all fits into 12Handz!

Using a CRM will help you nurture your leads and turn potential customers into paying ones.

Know What’s Right For Your Business


Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system is a set of digital tools designed to help you manage and nurture your customer relationships. It is usually an automated process which not only engages with customers, but saves and analyses their data.

It’s important for businesses to have an automated CRM system because it streamlines the process of managing customer relationships and analysing how to build on them. Having a centralised system allows you to not only reach out to your customers efficiently and directly, but also gain business insights and understand how to constantly improve your client relationships.

Managing your customer contacts within a CRM is different from a regular contact list because it is connected to the rest of your systems. You can easily link your customer communications with your calendar and online booking system, so it’s easier to provide efficient and personalised customer service.

Yes, you can – it’s super easy to do! All you need to do is export your existing contacts to a CSV file and then import that file to your 12Handz account. Another way to go is to import contacts from your mobile phone. You can also import contacts from your Google Business account.

Data security is a top priority for us, ensuring that your data is safe and belongs to you. We store all data in the cloud, on external Microsoft servers. Microsoft servers offer the highest industry standard of security, including data encryption, firewalls against cyber-attacks and automatic data backup. So, your data is secure and accessible to you only.  Should you choose to leave 12Handz, you can always export your customer data or delete it.