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What are they and why are they crucial for Your Business?

Things We Do

Online directories such as Google My Business, TrustPilot, and Yelp are all places worth listing your business.

Things We Do

Most Google searches are local and are usually the first stop for a customer looking for a solution.

Things We Do

Being listed means customers find you quickly and easily and it’s FREE!

Things We Do

People want to know where you are located to contact you for further details, and encourages reviews so your customers just keep growing. 


DIY Listings on 12Handz  

12Handz has made it easy to ensure your business is listed in all the right places. We tell you where you should be listed, how to fill in correct and comprehensive information, and what to write to set your listing apart. 

Whether you’re listing your business on GMB, TrustPilot, Yell or any of the other great review sites, you can effectively manage all your listings in your Media Manager. And the system saves all that information so you can have it all at your disposal, any time you need it.

Help Them Find You

By listing your business in online directories there’s lots of places people can find you. The right listing will put you at the top of the list (local listings pop-up first)!

Great listings will enhance your online presence, improve your local visibility, make it easier to find you, create brand awareness, boost your SEO (that’s search engine optimisation), and rank you higher in Google searches.


Get Visual

Get visual

Customers looking through directories will weigh up several options before making up their minds, so it’s important to create an eye-catching listing, get creative and stay on brand.

We give you access to a photo library so that you can choose the right images for your listing. You can also upload your own images or pull them from your social media accounts.

Manage your reviews

And since customers looking through directories will look at a few options before choosing which business to contact, reviews are really important. These directories publish customer reviews, and our tool makes it really easy to manage them. We will help you encourage happy customers to review you in these sites. And since it’s crucial to always promptly respond to any review – good or bad – we will help you do that too.

Respond quickly to online reviews

Delaying your directory listings is holding back your
business, so start listing today!

Know What’s Right For Your Business


Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

The major players in online directories are Google My Business, Yelp, Bing and Foursquare, though there are plenty of other, smaller ones. The more research you do into different directories, the more you will understand your presence on each and how they differ.

Yes, to an extent. It is a great idea to search for similar companies in your industry, and see which directory feels more competitive. But it’s important to be listed on the major directories across all industries for general exposure.

Major directories such as Google My Business are totally free to list on. As you get more specialized, you may find smaller engines require a fee, but this is for the most part not the norm.

If you find that a customer has left negative feedback on your page, the best thing to do is respond swiftly – and graciously – to try and rectify the problem. Try to avoid the temptation to argue back or disagree with them – even if you are in the right, it doesn’t look good. Other potential clients want to see that you deal with complaints well, and solve any issues easily and with a friendly approach.

If you see a listing for your business that you didn’t create yourself, directories such as Google My Business allow you to claim the entry for yourself. Click through to claim the listing, and it will take you through the steps to verify your ownership of your business and update the page yourself. Of course, our marketing experts at 12Handz are here to guide you through this process, and any other questions you may have.