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What Is Email Campaign Automation All About?

Things We Do

Rather than send thousands of emails in the hope of lead capture, 12Handz ensures your automated emails are well-timed, have a personal touch and are of genuine interest to your reader.

Things We Do

This means they are opened and clicked on more frequently, driving visits and revenue to your business.

Things We Do

Automated emails give you a precise way of reaching the right people at the right time, which is what clever marketing is all about.

Email Camaign Automation

Easily create automated email campaigns

Streamline Your
Communications with
Customers on Your Mailing List

Increase conversions by emailing at a time that will trigger the desired response. 

Automated email campaigns are set up once, and automatically dispatch to a certain group of individuals when they meet your bespoke criteria and/or chosen trigger points.  

You can easily categorise and filter your contact list, or manually select which contacts to send emails to.

Templates Galore

We’ve created templates for every occasion, from birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and special offers, to asking for client feedback, sharing good news, giving a discount and sending a voucher.

These templates can be customised to start you off on endless email campaigns. You can add or change the text or leave it as is, choose an image and hit the send button or schedule the email for certain day and time.  

Email Camaign Automation

Check how your email campaigns are doing

Learn and Improve

The 12Handz system lets you monitor which emails work best. Was it the image, the text, or the date that you sent it out?.

You can always access that information, learn, and use it to make your next email campaign even better. 

Grow your business via the miracle of automated emails!

Know What’s Right For Your Business


Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

Certainly. You can email your customers with special offers, give them a discount voucher for their birthday, or gently remind them that it’s been a while since they’ve used your services.

Social media also gives you ample opportunity to engage with your customers. You can wish them happy holidays, publish a discount code for your followers, or promote a new service or product – all on your social channels.

Yes, you can! You can change images using photos from an image library or pictures you’ve added yourself. You can also change the text of the email, so it’s a perfect fit to your business and to your clients.

You can create both paid and free campaigns. Email, social media and even reviews are all free marketing channels which you can use. Google Ads are a paid marketing channel and will require a budget.

We apply a unique combination of robust technology, our thorough understanding across industries, the SMB’s ambitions and human expertise, to pinpoint the most effective marketing activities for each business. This is delivered, free, in a step-by-step plan, easily implemented via the 12Handz platform tools or by your assigned marketing expert.