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Market Analysis

For  your marketing to be successful, your business needs a solid plan, and that will always be the case. Whether planning your yearly projections, growth strategy or marketing, effort without any kind of structure or intention is a huge waste of time and money. That’s exactly why 12Handz starts with a plan.

So, do you have plan?

The Experts

Our Marketing Experts create bespoke, industry-relevant marketing plans for your business, that make it easier to plan your budget and decide on the next, most relevant steps to take.

Building Your Plan

Your customised plan takes into account current market conditions, your competition, industry relevance and where there may be existing opportunities within your sector, so that your strategy is well-though-out and backed up by research.

Expert Advice

These factors enable us to set a course of action. We advise you on the tools you’ll need to grow your company in the way that best suits your time and budget.

Turning the Plan into Action

And finally, once your marketing plan has been set, you can decide how to execute it, either using 12Handz technology to manage the tasks yourself, reach out for the assistance of an expert, or use a combination of both!

Reaching Your Audience

Our marketing features have been built with small businesses in mind. This means that they are effective and powerful – but easy to use. They are designed for business owners just like you, who need to deal with all aspects of their business – human resources, product, logistics and more – and aren’t professional marketers. That’s why they need marketing tools that work for them, rather than marketing tools that are hard work.

Absolutely. Our Google Ads DIY platform is designed to reach the most relevant customers and drive them to your website.

Our review generation feature also helps you generate more reviews, so new customers will search for your business and turn into leads.

Social media is another way to generate new business, with posts offering discounts or announcing new services and products.

Certainly. You can email your customers with special offers, give them a discount voucher for their birthday, or gently remind them that it’s been a while since they’ve made a purchase from your business.

Social media also gives you ample opportunity to engage with your customers. You wish them Happy Holidays, publish a discount code for your followers, or promote a new service or product—all on your social channels.

You can create both paid and free campaigns. Email, social media and even reviews are all free marketing channels which you can use. Google Ads are a paid marketing channel and will require a budget.

Google Ads requires you to type in your keywords, then asks you to write your ads from scratch. You then set up the campaign, managing it continously, choosing from several parameters. For it to work well, you need to customise your campaigns and keep optimising them, adjusting your budgets accordingly. You need to ensure you’re putting enough money in to drive traffic, while not spending over your budget, so your budget doesn’t get spent on expensive ads that don’t bring you leads.

The 12Handz Google Ads DIY platform takes all that work off your hands. The platform will offer you keywords that are popular in your industry and area, and for your target audience/your clients. It will generate your ads and continuously optimise your campaign based on our AI engine. Plus, it generates a landing page for your campaign. So, you get the best results for your budget, without the work and time investment.

Yes, they will. Our Google Ads DIY platform knows how to use your budget, whatever the budget may be. It shows your ads to the most relevant leads, who are searching for a business just like yours. In fact, it manages your Google Ads campaigns for you, adapting your budget over time. All you need to do is help it by flagging which of the keywords that we propose for you and the leads you receive are relevant and which are not. It will do the rest for you.

Yes, you can! 12handz generates beautiful, professional landing pages, or mini-websites, for your campaigns. So, when your potential customers click on your ad, they will get to a web page that’s designed to retrieve their contact info and turn them into leads.

To generate a landing page, you just need to fill in some details about your business, your services and your products. Then, once the landing page is ready, you can customise the images and the text, so it’s a perfect fit with your            business and your customers.

Yes, you can! You can change images using photos from an image library or pictures you’ve added yourself. You can also change the text of the email, so it’s a perfect fit to your business and to your clients.

Yes, you can! You can post to your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Business—all through 12handz.

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Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

12handz makes marketing easy for small businesses. With our practical tools and intuitive platform, we help you grow your business online – smoothly and simply.

12handz has everything you need for online marketing. We’ll get you up and running with Google Ads campaigns, email marketing, social media tools, review management and more. And then there are all our hard-working tools like a DIY website builder, e-commerce solutions, online payments, CRM, online booking... you name it, 12Handz has it. And they’re all so easy to use.

First, we get to know you and your business by asking a few simple questions. Then 12handz creates a Google Ads campaign for you, complete with a professional landing page designed to turn new leads into new customers. Naturally you can customise your ads and landing page.

Once your ads launch, the 12Handz algorithm constantly optimises your campaign to maximise your budget and attract the best potential customers.

All you have to do is check in with your new leads, and tell us which ones are most valuable to you and which keywords best reflect what your potential clients may be looking for. A couple of minutes a day should do the job.

Yes. The whole point of our Google Ads DIY platform is to reach the most relevant customers for your business and drive them to your own landing page. Our AI-driven algorithm cleverly optimises your budget, so your ads are shown to audiences who are searching for businesses like yours.

To help you convert those leads into customers, we create an engaging landing page for your campaign. And then there are all our 12Handz marketing tools to help drive even more customers your way. From email campaigns and social media tools to review generation features, these tools are designed to get your business in front of more users – and in turn, drive more new customers.

Yes. The great thing about our Google Ads DIY platform is that is makes the best use of any budget, big or small. In fact, it manages your Google Ads campaign for you, adapting your budget over time to deliver the best results by showing your ads to people actively searching for businesses like yours. The only thing you need to do is report back which of the recommended keywords best reflect what your potential clients may be looking for, and which leads are most relevant. We do the rest.

Some people do run campaigns directly on the Google Ads platform, writing their ads, researching keywords and managing the bidding on their keywords, setting up the campaign, and managing it all themselves. For campaigns to work well, they need to be constantly customised and optimised, otherwise you run the risk of wasting your budget on expensive keywords that don’t actually find you new customers.

The 12Handz Google Ads DIY platform does all that hard work for you.

Our platform identifies keywords popular in your industry and area, creates your ads and even lets our AI engine optimise your campaign. It also builds your business a landing page to drive all your new leads to. 12handz saves you time, work and hassle.

And of course, you can also customise your campaign and landing page.

12handz is free for your first month. The only cost in your first month is what you want to spend on your Google Ads. You choose the budget – between £5-£30 daily/ £150- £900 monthly.

After your free trial 12handz costs £35 a month, plus whatever you choose to spend on your Google Ads. You can adjust your Google Ads spend at any time.