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With the 12Handz mobile app you can market your business on the go, from wherever you are

Take Care of Your Marketing on the Go

Things We Do

The fact that you’re busy, always on the move and taking care of endless things doesn’t need to hinder your marketing efforts.

Things We Do

Our mobile app features all the capabilities we offer on the desktop platform.

Things We Do

You can easily do all your marketing on the go, without needing to compromise.

Run your business from your phone

Make Your Phone Your Office

With our mobile app you can easily manage your social media, send out email campaigns, manage your listings and reviews and much more – without being stuck in your office. You can do everything on your phone.

You’re Never Alone

Our guided marketing platform also stays with you wherever you go. We help and guide you with your weekly marketing tasks on your mobile, just like we do on desktop.

Download Our Mobile App Now

The 12Handz mobile app works both on Android and iPhone, and it syncs with your desktop system, so you’re always in the know about your marketing activities. So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

The 12Handz app is compatible with both iOS devices and Android phones. You can use it on any iOS device of 12.1 and up, and Android 7.0 and up.

It’s free! You can download the app to your phone totally for free and there are no in-app purchases. Any paid options, such as getting an expert to execute your plan for you, will have payment choices just like in the desktop platform.

The following things can only be done on desktop: syncing your data across listings (GMB and FB) and connecting and managing 3rd-party websites. This is because of the external needs from the places you are connecting to. Everything else within 12Handz can be done equally as easily on the app as on the desktop.

The Android app takes 125 MB, and the iPhone app takes 54.9 LM. No, it won’t drain your battery it all – the app uses almost no resources when it is not actively open on your phone.

Absolutely! Simply click through to their contact details and on their phone number, and you can call them right then and there.