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Use 12Handz for seamless social posting,
pre-scheduled content and all the insights
you need to grow your following!

One Click, Multiple Platforms

Things We Do

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your customers as well as generate new business.

Things We Do

Now you don’t need to log into multiple social accounts  anymore. Just log into 12Handz, create your post, and with one click you can populate the content across your networks.

Things We Do

You can determine which social channels you want that post to go out to, so you don’t have to create it again for each channel.

Social Posting

Social posting made easy

Helping You Get Creative

We’ve made posting on social easy. And prescheduling your posts even easier. You can write your own or choose from our templates.

Our templates are built specifically for small business use, focusing on the right marketing on social, that an SMB should be doing.

Templates range from promoting special events, announcing special sales, offering discounts, sharing new services or products, allowing people to book, sharing a customer story, announcing a giveaway and more.

Plan, Post and Connect 

Upload media, add images and share links on social via the system. Schedule the posts in advance so you can plan and time your content.

Don’t know what to post when? Don’t worry about it – that’s where your personalised marketing plan comes in. It tells you exactly what to post, when and where to post it, monitor results and manage your engagement.

Social Posting

Easily post across multiple platforms

Get Your Socials in Sync

Have a clear overview of all of your social network activities. Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google (GMB), LinkedIn and Instagram all in one place, compare and improve!  

Spend less time making your social posts relevant to your specific business activities. Add your services, a team member, or a product to a post – all done with ease using 12Handz.  

Create and populate content yourself using our tools,
engage with your audience and grow your community.

Know What’s Right For Your Business


Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

Absolutely! If you want to tailor your posts according to each channel, you can post to each individually, rather than using multi-network posting.

Yes – it's super simple. When you log into your 12Handz platform, all of your social media pages and their posts' performances are presented in the Social Posting dashboard.

Of course. You can schedule posts in advance so they go out whenever works according to your timeline. You can schedule one, or an entire series to go out at different times.

Yes. All your info in places like Google My Business and Facebook will be easily accessible and simple to update directly within the 12Handz platform.